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Monday, December 10, 2018

One Day Trek To Sandhan Valley | Is It Really Adventurous?

Sandhan valley, valley of shadow, bhandardara

One Day Trek To Sandhan Valley | Is It Really Adventurous?

About Sandhan Valley

A beautiful carved valley situated in the range of Sahyadri Mountains of western ghat is ‘Sandhan valley’. It is located in Akole district of Ahmednagar. Looking towards this valley, you may feel as you are somewhere outside of India. This valley is surrounded by different range of Mountains like Ratangad, Kokan kada, Kalsubai. The one who wants to experience the adventurous activity like Rappelling and Trekking, this is perfect place. Sandhan valley is Asias’s second largest valley spread across 2 km. In monsoon the water sliding through the rocks for quite long time drives the caves formation at Sandhan Valley. Trek to Sandhan valley is one of the well known activity known from Nashik region. It is accessible throughout the year except monsoon, it is quite difficult to complete valley in monsoon as water level increases.

How To Reach Sandhan Valley

Sandhan valley can be visit from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik city which is further well connected to other states of India.
To reach Sandhan valley one has to reach base village called, Samrad village.


Nearest airport is Mumbai International airport and Shirdi domestic airport. It is further well accessible by road, train and bus.
You can hire self-drive car also.


Sandhan valley is 182 km from Mumbai, around 200 km from Pune and 90 km from Nashik.
Buses are available from all the cities to Ghoti village and further another bus or share cab to Samrad village.


Nearest railway station is Kasara or Igatpuri, where rail route is further connected to major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. From Kasara distance to Sandhan valley is 85 km. Once get down at railway station, there are share cabs and buses available to reach Samrad village in Bhandardara. If you are group of 4-5 then take private vehicle to reach base village. Preferable mode of travel is self-drive vehicle. Riders does not need to worry as there is enough space available for vehicle parking.

Trek To Sandhan Valley

Trek to any Mountain was always my first priority, because best of life’s view comes after climbing the Mountain. One day I was scrolling Facebook and suddenly first glimpse of Sandhan valley highlighted on the screen. That  glimpse could immediately convinced my heart to visit there. I started searching more about this place and gathered enough information of reaching there on own. It was drive with one of my friend who is mad traveler like me to visit this place. We decided to reach there on bike as the distance was not more than 180 km from Mumbai. The drive from Mumbai via Kasara ghat is always attractive to the riders especially when there is lush greeneries on one side and valley on other side. We managed to reach Samrad village at 9 am in the morning. I had my bag pack loaded with some food and water that helped me to re-energize the body. There are two shops available at base village that sells water and some snacks. You may asked for guide by villagers that will cost you around 1000 INR, but if you are visiting to only Sandhan valley then guide is not needed. Guide can take you to another place through jungle which is shortcut to other trek.
Sandhan valley, valley of shadow
Route towards the valley starts from Samrad village which is easy and clear that passes from vast surface. This is one of those place which is famous for its fireflies camping and much more adventure activities. In winter temperature falls down to 10 degree. There are marking available on route towards the valley, so one not to worry about the route. After walk of around 20 minutes we reached at the entrance of the valley. When I had first glance of valley from the entrance, the thought which was pulling my mind was, is this the same place which I saw in photos? Photo has some rocky walls of around 100 feet on both side and narrow routes packed with stones where you are crossing some water bodies. I walked for some more minute and here is the picture of what I saw; Sandhan valley is true for what it shows in photos of social media. This was first trek where descend comes first.

Sandhan valley. entrance point valley

Sandhan valley,narrow trail of valley

Sandhan valley,meditation at sandhan valley
Descending is not as easy as it looks in picture. You have to make own way from big rocks. To reach further in this trek you need to cross two water bodies. First is where water level is up to knee height that can be easily crossed and another where water level is up to 5 feet. This was the most interesting and toughest trail of the route. There is no other source to move further apart from crossing water body. For one who wants to experience uniqueness of trek, Sandhan valley is best. We wanted to do some adventure, so we removed our shoes and tied to bag, then kept our bags on head and started moving slowly through the water. The water in this hole was giving sensation of Ice. This route is not accessible in monsoon, because water level goes up and local villagers restrict to trek in valley. After crossing water bodies there is narrow trail where sun rays hardly reached. At some point the rays that passes on the walls of valley with different shades is amazing and it creates perfect surrounding for cameras.
Sandhan valley,adventure at sandhan valley crossing
Sandhan valley,valley of shadow

After descend of around 2 hours we reached the exit point of valley. The exit looks so scenic. This further route is deep descend that takes you to another village, but you need proper equipment’s of rappelling to get down in the valley or second option is, you can come back to same village with same route. From base one can use Karoli ghat to reach back to Samrad village or can travel to Dehane village which is near Shahapur  in Thane district. We had decided to take same route which is ascend to entrance of valley. For any trek descend is always easy than ascend. Ascend consumes lot's of energy. It took us another 4 hours to reach back to Samrad village through water bodies and we ended the trek with cherish memories.

Sandhan valley, EXIT VIEW

Sandhan valley, rappelling

Ideal Time To Visit Sandhan Valley

Sandhan valley can be accessed in all season apart from monsoon.
In monsoon water level increases that makes some difficulty to descend in valley.
Winter and summer is always preferable to trek for its pleasant climate.

Where To Stay While Visiting Sandhan valley

Being local village there are no hotels or resorts available at Samrad village. Locals make some home stay arrangement along with food. It may charge you less than 1000 INR per head for stay including food.
Hotel and resorts available at Bhandardara which is 28 km from Samrad village.
One can enjoy Lake Side camping near Bhandardara.
Tents are also option to stay on own as locals provide tents on rent.

Things To Explore Around Sandhan Valley

There are waterfalls available like Randha waterfall, Necklace waterfall and Umbrella waterfall in the radius of 25 km from Samrad village. This is seasonal so better to visit in monsoon time.
AMK TREK- Alang, Malang and Kulang is extreme level trekking point near Samrad village.
Kokankada- It is on the route of Sandhan valley and one of the trek with best view.
Lake side camping- One can get busy with bonfire camping near to Arthur lake.

Tips For You Before Visiting Sandhan Valley

  • Avoid going in monsoon as villager's doesn't allow trekkers to trek in valley.
  • Be careful while walking through rock's.
  • carry extra water bottle's, because there is no source of water in valley.
  • Don't try to do rappelling on own if you you don't have safety gears.
  • Do carry cameras and extra battery.
  • Do not litter the place.


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