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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Raigad Fort Information | A Fascinating Place You Need to Know

Raigad fort information

Raigad Fort Information | A Fascinating Place You Need to Know

Yes, a time was right here. A time to adore a king of Maratha Empire and to know the sacrifices of him. I was eagerly waiting to fulfill my most awaited dream. Yes, a dream to see the Empire of Maratha King. You heard me right. I have done more than 20 treks so far from Sahyadri, Maharashtra, though something was missing in it. I couldn’t make it prior due to some other reason. Coincidentally the time came to give it a positive direction. I am talking about the King of all fort. Can you guess the king of fort? Yes, you heard me right. Raigad fort, a hill fort situated in Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra, India.  I had already collected Raigad fort information. You might have wondered; why this fort was given so much importance than other, the reason Maratha Empire king was crowned here. This fort was also known as Rairi, was built by Chandraraoji More, the king of Jawai, it was later on seized by Shivaji Maharaj who made this as a capital in 1674. Raigad is so famous among all other forts. Pachhad and Raigadwadi is the base village to reach the start point of the trek.

How to Reach Raigad Fort

By Air

There is no direct connectivity of air to reach here. Nearest airport to reach is Mumbai and Pune International airport on the distance of 150 km. One can take self-drive vehicle from airport or can take direct bus to Pachhad village.

By Train

Nearest rail-head to reach the fort is Mangaon railway station. It is one of most running railway station and main stop to reach further in Konkan region. Trains from Popular cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai halts here. The fort is on the distance of 27 km from Mangaon. From Mangaon one can take direct bus to reach the base village or can hire tum-tum (rickshaw).

By Road

The fort is 160 km from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune. Direct connectivity is available if you are going via road. From Mumbai one can drive to Panvel- Pen- Nagothane- Mangaon- Mahad and then to village Pachhad (base village of the fort). Local transport is available with quite good frequency till Mahad or Mangaon. One can also take direct bus to Mahad from Mumbai and base village is further 25 km from Mahad ST stop. The drive is very scenic during rainy season. One can reach the top of the fort via rope-way or other route is to trek to summit point. (rope-way cost goes up to 150-200 per person) there is waiting of 1 to 2 hours on weekend.

Self-drive vehicle is always preferable. 


The reason of Raigad being important fort is the history associated with it. The King Shivaji Maharaj was crowned here and fort became the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Maratha Empire. The village Pachhad and Raigadwadi were considered most important village during the Maratha rule in Raigad. The reason is a Cavalry of 10000 was kept on standby at the Pachhad village during rules of Shivaji Maharaj. Later, Shivaji Maharaj built Lingana fort near to Raigad to keep the prisoners. In 1689, Zulfikhar khan captured Raigad and Aurangzeb renamed it as Islamgad. In 1707, Siddi Fatheh khan captured the fort and held it until 1733. Later, Maratha sardar captured the fort and hold it until 1818. In 1765, the fort along with Malvan was the target of an armed expedition by British East India Company.

In 1818, the fort was bombarded and destroyed by cannons and it was handed over to British East India Company. Pillars of the forts are still in good condition.

My Raigad Fort Trek Experience

It was one Saturday and after long time we all friends came together. A random discussion started with all and were discussing the necessity to be away from the home. The plan was to carry tent and camp on the any unknown mountain and experience the pleasurable climate. Things started as per planned, destination was yet to decide, but just wanted to hang out somewhere far from the home with friends. Coincidentally my complete group was with me for the first time. We started our bike in the night and was driving towards unknown destination. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. After drive of 40 km we came across one tea stall that opens till 2 am in midnight also, and had tea along with cream roll. We took the long break to decide final destination for camping. Best friends, monsoon time, night drive and tea, I was loving this day. Though the destination was still not known, I was enjoying the company of my friends. Due to job and other family stuff we hardly get the time to meet each other, when the time was come, I thought not to miss this opportunity. This is why we all have decided to take bike ride. Later, the plan was to camp at unknown place and return to home by next day. Everyone was staring at me to come up for final destination. Raigad fort trek, first thing that came in my mind and guess what? Everyone was giving angry look. Others were not in condition to trek to Raigad fort, the height of the Raigad fort is 4400 feet.  When I said the destination name, everyone responded on positive node and showed the interest to witness the epic beauty of Raigad. It is one such fort, even a non-enthusiast can feel to explore it. Destination was right on the way where we had discussion. We left the place after long break and started driving towards the destination.

Roads from Khopoli to Mangaon were well in condition. Few km ahead of Mangaon there is small left towards Raigad fort. The village looks so attractive here due to monsoon, one needs to drive through the clouds leaving River on right side. Monsoon in Maharashtra's any village is always fascinating. It was at 6 am when we reached the base of the fort and parked our bikes at the base of the village Pachhad. So far, we all were so tired by riding long and double distance.

Raigad fort information
Driving route to Raigad fort

Raigad fort information
Base village dipped in cloud

We started our steps towards conquering the Raigad fort. Though my friends agreed for trek, but they had no clue how they are going to suffer, the reason they are not regular trekkers and the height of Raigad was 4400 feet. It is only trek that has rope-way from the base village to Peak point, though youngsters like us will prefer to ascend via trekking route. Monsoon here always welcomes the surrounding was with lush greeneries, amidst fog, cloudy weather with clouds playing hide and seek, and water streams on mountain, this is why people prefer to trek rather than taking rope-way option. Routes are easy and clear, it starts near to the village Pachhad. You can visit the Samadhi (Sepulture) of Rajmata Jijau before starting the trek. It is situated at the base village on the distance of 5 minute.

Raigad fort information
Trekking route to Raigad fort covered with dense fog

Trek route involves the rock cut steps with the height of half to one feet to climb. There are around 1600 steps to climb till summit point. You will find so many small huts selling limbu pani (lime water) and other snacks. In monsoon complete area gets deep in the fog, one can hardly see from it. The views in the monsoon is mesmerizing. One can trek without guide also, routes are visible and so many people ascending, you can follow any of them. After walk of around 45 min, we crossed small waterfall, we thought to reach the destination first and then jumped into waterfall while returning back. Coming to the ascending there is valley on one side and other side is mountain. The walls of the forts were still in the strong conditions. At some point one needs to be careful while ascending, one mistake and you are down in the valley. You come across the main gate of the fort called Maha darwaza (Main Gate). This Maha darwaza has two huge bastions on both the side of it. One of such main gate is at Sudhagad fort. There are so many things on the fort to see. Some of those are Palakhi Darwaja, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue, Nagarkhana, Bazar peth etc. Raj-sinahasan (Throne), one of the place at fort and designed in such way, if anybody whispers any single word in slow voice, that can be still listened. We were so tired till and all our energy was lost, one of my mate decided to rest in the middle and he got slept there.

Raigad fort information
Raigad valley while ascending

Raigad fort information
Raigad fort main entrance

Raigad fort information
Raigad fort main gate

Interesting part of the fort was Hirkani buruz (bastion) constructed on the huge steep cliff. The legend says “Women named Hirkani staying in the Raigadwadi had come to sell milk to the people staying on the fort. She left out inside the fort, as gates of the fort gets closed after the sunset. Hearing the cries of her infant son back at the village echo after night, anxious mother couldn’t wait till sunrise and courageously climbed down the steep cliff in the dark night, this all for the love of her infant. She later repeated this extraordinary feat in front of Shivaji Maharaj and was bravely rewarded for It.” in the appreciation of her bravery, Shivaji Maharaj built the Bastion called Hirkani Bastion.

Raigad fort information
Raigad fort walls

Raigad fort information
Monsoon view of Raigad fort

Summit of the fort is situated on the long plateau and one can find the statue of Shivaji Maharaj seating on his Sinahasan. we calmly seated there for few minutes and wondered each and every wars of him, architecture of the fort, how Shivaji Maharaj selected this fort as a capital of the Maratha Empire, how the weapons was carried on the top. The moment was proud feeling. This all question made me so emotional. After long break, we moved further to explore the epic beauty of the fort deepen in the cloud. The view was breathe taking. It feels so good to get engaged in the amidst greenery and astonishing view of summit. Yes, Takmak point at Raigad summit was another attraction. We moved here to see the magical beauty of the place, nowadays railing has been placed on both the side for safety purpose. Takmak point is rock cliff point offering the beautiful view of surrounding valleys of Sahyadri hills that makes it more popular spot of Raigad fort. According to legends this point was used as punishment point for wrongdoers. Shivaji Maharaj’s enemies were pushed down in this valley. Despite being ruined at the present, fort still offers the majestic ambiance to the visitors.  We couldn’t even slept in that night, but all this tiredness was gone and body started recovering the lost energy when we reached the summit point of the fort. The fort is surrounded with other forts like Konkandiva fort, Rajgad fort, Torna fort, Lingana fort, Madheghat, Varandha ghat, and Pratapgad. Landscape of such forts can be seen from the summit of Raigad fort. For beginner trek may find difficult due steep stairs, for experience this can be normal. It is easy to medium grade trek. Better to start your trek as early as possible. It takes 3 hours to reach the summit point from base village with your normal speed.

Raigad fort information
Takmak point on left side and fort covered with bastion

Raigad fort information
Summit view of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj seating on Raj-sinahasan

Raigad fort information
Takmak point cliff at summit

Raigad fort information
Surrounding view of Raigad fort

Ideal Time to Visit The Raigad Fort

The best time to visit the fort is from mid-June to February month when climate is pleasant. Monsoon here is filled with fog, clouds and greenery, there are so many water streams on the mountain. Winter is ideal gateway for tourists. Activities like rope-way and camping are the best things to enjoy in this time. One can also camp at summit point. Try to avoid trekking here in summer as sun heat ups the rock making your body dehydrated. You will hardly see any tourist between the months of March to June.

Where to Stay If Visiting Raigad Fort

Home stays and hotel stays are available at the base village. If you are a group of people, then request any locals from base village for home stay in reasonable cost. MTDC hotels are also available of the top of the fort, but you need to do advance booking.


Yes, when it comes to food, no food can beat the spice of Maharashtra's yummy food. The food here is influenced by Maharashtrian cuisine with subtle blend of North and South Indian cuisine. Do try the missal made up of potato crush. Taste of Maharashtrian curry is what gives flavor in your meal.

Must See Places While Trekking to Raigad Fort

Samadhi of Rajmata Jijau- It is situated at the base village Pachhad. You need to drive for 5 min to the left from base village.

Hirkani Buruz (Bastion)-Trekking route to the summit passes from Hirkani Buruz.

Takmak point- Located at the summit of the fort and also an end point cliff.

Shivaji Maharaj statue at summit

Jagadishwar Temple-Temple of Lord Shiva. It represents amalgamation of Hindu-Islamic style architecture and enshrines lord Shiva.

Gangasagar Lake- An artificial lake constructed back in the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj crowning.

Raigad rope-way- You have option to reach summit point via rope-way or you can trek to summit and descend your trek via rope-way.

Things to Remember Before You Go

  • Keep your bag-pack ready with energy bar, glucose water and other snacks.
  • Proper shoes with proper grip is must while trekking.
  • Start your trek as early as possible.
  • Parking is available at base village.
  • There is ceremony takes place every year on the day of  6th June when a huge followers of Shivaji Maharaj visits Raigad. One should never miss it.
  • There are couple of restaurants as well at base village Pachhad.
  • Never drink on the fort and not to litter the area around the fort.
  • There is long waiting for rope-way, so check before you go.

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