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Friday, February 5, 2021

Why Is The Pandavkada Waterfall The Most Dangerous And Risky?

Pandavkada Waterfall
Pandavkada Waterfall

Why Is The Pandavkada Waterfall The Most Dangerous And Risky?

A trek to waterfall is something called trek to heaven where serenity meets up the soul. A place where water flows over a vertical drop or series of steep drops in the river. Pandavkada Waterfall is one such place with serenity. The waterfall with as high as 100 m, it is a type of plunge waterfall pouring some massive amount of water on the rock cut surface. Pandavkada is located at Kharghar, suburb of Navi Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India. Trek to Pandavkada waterfall is well known adventure in monsoon season which is also close to Mumbai and easily accessible from any corner of Mumbai.

How to Reach Pandavkada Waterfall

Kharghar region being located at Navi Mumbai is the nearest stop to reach serene waterfall called Pandavkada.

By Air

Mumbai International airport is the nearest one to reach Pandavkada waterfall. It is further 40 km from airport. One can hire self-drive vehicle or there are local transportations available to reach this place from airport to Kharghar region.

By Road

Local buses are available to reach Kharghar from major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik. There are state transport buses that run from Bangalore, Gujarat, and Karnataka to Mumbai. Kharghar stop is on the way to Mumbai. While driving from Sion- Panvel highway Pandavkada road resides on left side at Kharghar. One has to take left from Kharghar main highway and Pandavkada is further 5 km from Kharghar. Self-drive vehicle is accessible till entrance point of Pandavkada fall.

By Train

Kharghar itself is the nearest railway station that lies on the Harbor line of Mumbai. Regular trains are available from CSMT and Panvel to reach Kharghar. Mumbai is also a place for most of the express trains running from different states and cities from India. Mumbai is one such city that has ample amount of travel resources in cheap amount.

About Pandavkada Waterfall

There is nothing more striking than watching water coming down from mountain and pouring it in to plunge. The view is truly amazing and breathe taking. Pandavkada waterfall was not much popular earlier, but recent photos of this plunge waterfall went viral on social media and it has attracted many tourists from different region of Maharashtra and became famous tourist attraction. This is an ideal waterfall trek near Mumbai for one who wants to explore something adventurous in one day. The complete history of this place is still not known. It is said that the name Pandavkada was derived from Pandavas who had visited this place and also had bath under this waterfall. It was a dark and dense forest at that time when they visited here. Though it is beautiful, it is risky too. Yes, you heard me right; Pandavkada was declared as risk zone by CIDCO as some of the students were drown in to the river of Pandavkada and they lost their life too. It was declared as dangerous waterfall and also got ban for tourist, but later this ban was lifted out and people started visiting again to this place. According to Kharghar cops people are allowed to visit here on their own.

My Experience of Trekking to Pandavkada Waterfall

A much awaited break from daily routine work insisted me to visit Pandavkada falls at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Monsoon surrounding Mumbai always welcome with amidst of lush greeneries and natural waterfalls, Pandavkada was one of the place I was eagerly waiting to visit. For me the distance was not more than 20 km, but routine office work didn’t allow me to make time for myself. Finally the day was arrived to push my soul to beautiful Pandavkada waterfall. It is one such place that can be guide by any person in Kharghar area.

Pandavkada Waterfall
Starting route to reach waterfall

Pandavkada Waterfall
River at Pandavkada waterfall and also the risky zone in heavy monsoon

There are no boards or arrow marking to this place. One has to follow Kharghar- Taloja road, Pandavkada is on the way. While driving there is small opening of rough road on left side ahead of Golf course area. It is the entrance point for waterfall. One has to park their vehicle on main road near to entrance point of Pandavkada. There is broken wall at starting point of this trek where trek starts. As you start walking there is small river stream to cross. This is the only river where waterfalls water meets up. In heavy monsoon it becomes difficult to cross the river streams. One has to be extra carefull while crossing this river. The area of Pandavkada is huge and there are many routes to enter here where all those routes starts with crossing river streams. River stream is the only risky zone here. Route goes straight once you cross the river area. A glimpse of waterfall can be seen from entrance place. Pandavkada trekking involves the muddy route, rocky terrain along with small jungle patch. Human trail made by human is visible to reach the Pandavkada waterfall. There is no marking of it, but route is straight and visible.

Pandavkada Waterfall
Glimpse of waterfall while trekking towards it

Pandavkada Waterfall
Surrounding view of mountain near waterfall area

You need to ascend for 20 min through dense forest. The route is hardly visible here. The plants have covered the route with their shrugs. This routes opens up to Pandavkada waterfall. It takes close to 45 min to reach the Waterfall point. A divine destination with peaceful waterfall will take out your all stress and strains. One can enjoy the astonishing view of Pandavkada valley, and a surrounding mountain with water flowing from top of it. Amount of water falling on rocky surface look splendor. There is huge whole in the middle of waterfall where waters falls; it is deep whole, and another risky zone of this trek. One can also enjoy this view from surrounding rocks. 

Pandavkada Waterfall
Pandavkada waterfall route patch through forest

Pandavkada Waterfall
View of Pandavkada valley from waterfall area

Pandavkada waterfall is well known and one of the famous activity near Mumbai suburb. Avoid going here in heavy monsoon time. Trek is one of the easy trek with some difficult patches. Pandavkada Waterfall is a great way to lose your day in the lap of nature. Please check with locals before you plan to visit here.

Pandavkada Waterfall
View of surrounding mountain near Pandavkada waterfall

Pandavkada Waterfall
Never miss sunset view at Pandavkada waterfall

Other Places to Visit Around Pandavkada Waterfall

Central Park

The Central Park of Kharghar is an urban park in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai of India that covers the long area. It has some theme parks, walk-trail, jogging tracks, watersports, cricket and football ground. It is Asia’s largest park and located exactly opposite to entrance point of Pandavkada waterfall (Opening time- 6 am to 5 pm).

Iskcon Temple

Iskcon temple of Kharghar is latest and new addition in the Iskcon family group. A place in the worship of the Deity in the temple. The distance from Pandavkada Waterfall is not more than 10 min walk.

Parsik Hill

Parsik Hill is a hill in the Mumbai Metropolitan region, in Thane district of Maharashtra. It is also very close to Kharghar area. This is the small motor able road with curves. It gives the beautiful view of surrounding Navi Mumbai. Recently this place has become famous spot for couples. The distance from Pandavkada waterfall is close to 9 km.

Belapur Fort

Belapur Fort is a fort near the Belapur in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The fort was built by Siddis of Janjira. It was later conquered by Portuguese, and then Marathas. Some part of the fort is in ruined condition.

Ideal Time to Visit Pandavkada Waterfall

The ideal time to visit Pandavkada Waterfall is during late monsoon. When monsoon is about to go, but waterfall remains open for few days. It is risky to visit here in heavy monsoon.

Winter here is ideal time to visit. The climate is pleasant and one can enjoy the view of mountains. The temperature ranges from 22 to 28 degree.

You will hardly see any tourists visiting here in summer season. Summer here is very hot and humid too. Avoid visiting this place in summer.

Stay and Food

Staying at Navi Mumbai is so cheap compare to any other place. There are so many hotels that are available on the distance of 5 km from Pandavkada Waterfall. The price ranges as per normal rooms to deluxe.

There are OYO rooms which can be booked through OYO app; one who is budget travelers will always prefer OYO rooms.

With most of the crowd in Navi Mumbai flocking the area post 7 pm, number of food stalls and variety of dishes available in large amount. Kharghar has large amount of hotels and street food stalls. No food can beat the taste of Maharashtrian cuisine. Vada-Paav is one of the famous dish among any other street eateries. Mumbai has variety options of food starting from North Indian to South dishes.

Things to Remember Before Visiting Pandavkada Waterfall

  • Do cross-check with locals weather place is open for tourist or no, It remains closed in heavy monsoon.

  • Avoid rash driving on Mumbai’s road as traffic rules are very strict here.
  • Do not drink at waterfall area and do not litter the area around. 
  • One needs to carry own food while trekking.

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