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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Planning For Goa? Know Top 8 Places To Visit In South Goa

Places to visit in south Goa
South Goa Beaches

Planning For Goa? Know Top 8 Places To Visit In South Goa

Goa is the state with a pocket-size paradise on the south-western coast of India, and also falls in the Konkan region. It has not only won the hearts of Indian tourists but also became a hub for foreign visitors. A state which is bifurcated like a coin. Northside that offers nightlife for travelers whereas a place that welcomes the serenity on the ground, silent beaches, and calmness are South Goa. It will make you realize life is much more beyond the four walls of the office, agreed right? I have been to Goa earlier, but never explored the gems of South Goa. South Goa has many clean and silent beaches compare to North Goa. 

How to Reach South Goa

Reaching Goa is not a big task due to its multiple traveling resources. There are so many ways to reach Goa.

By Air

Dabolim International airport is the nearest airhead to reach Goa. It is 4 km away from Vasco da Gama City and 30 km away from Panjim City. This airport is easily accessible from different corners of different countries. SpiceJet, Indigo, and Jet Airways are some domestic airline that connects to Goa. One can hire a self-drive car or can also option private vehicles to reach further to your destination. If you have pre-booking at hotels then ask hotel management to pick you up from the airport.

By Train

Margaon on the south side and Thivim on the north side are two major rail connections to reach Goa. There are so many express trains’ runs across the state and takes the halt at these stations. One can get out from the station and can also hire a rented car or rented bike from the same location.

By Road

Most of the enthusiast travels Goa on own bike. The coastal ride to Goa is one of the best-known activities across India. The city is well connected with the other cities road. Apart from that daily bus service is operated between Goa’s Vasco, Panaji, and Margaon to Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Karnataka. The prices for sleeper coach starts from 1700 to 3000 INR per person.

Sea Service

Yes, you heard me right; Goa offer shipping service from Mumbai to Panaji making the journey more exciting. The only thing you will have to compromise on your money.

Top 8 Places to Visit in South Goa

When you think of exploring the state of beaches, probably the name that strikes your mind is Palolem, Canacona, or few others like Agonda, right? But very few people know the hidden gems of south Goa. Butterfly Beach and Cola Beach are a few of those hidden deserted islands. South Goa beaches are most beautiful and prodigious; some of those are still undiscovered.

Palolem Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
View of Palolem Beach from Sea

Filled with lots of silence and handsomeness is a Palolem beach of south Goa. A beach is known for its calmness with its flavored nightlife. A silent pub at the Palolem adds flavor to travelers' dreams. This place is not only famous for its beaches but also a hub for shopping lovers with a wide variety of colored clothes. It has beach shacks placed on sand offering a variety of drinks and foods. This is one such beach that offers an ample amount of activity to adventure lovers. One can rush in the speed boat and head out for your jet-ski on the waves and feel the adrenaline pumping as you parasail. Parasailing, banana ride, and bumper ride are some of those water sports. A place with sea-facing resorts is an extra added adventure. Palolem beach resort, Maroon sea view resort, and La la resorts are some budget option that offers sea-facing stay for adventure lovers. All of these are located parallel to Palolem beach.

Butterfly Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
Butterfly Beach through ferry

It is undoubtedly Goas's hidden gem, and one of India's finest blue water beaches. The name might put the question in your mind, right? It is been blessed with the shape of a butterfly, hence it is called a butterfly beach. One of the secluded beaches of Goa, India. It can be reached either by Palolem beach or Agonda beach. Locals run the ferry ride from Palolem and Agonda. Ferry ride not only gives you a glimpse of Butterfly beach, but also magical places like Rock formation, Turtlehead viewpoint, Honeymoon Island, and also Dolphin ride depending on your luck. Locals may ask you to pay 2500 for two people for a ferry ride, but do bargaining till 500 INR which is the final charge per person. You also have an opportunity to explore Butterfly beach by road and that too dense forest with adventurous trekking. Yes, sounds interesting right; there is a way from Leopard valley that takes your vehicle up to the midpoint of the forest and from there a trek of 1 hour will leave you at Butterfly Island. I would recommend you to take a ferry ride as you will also spot Dolphins and other places. (Ferry ride takes complete 2 hours to reach back).

Honeymoon Island

Places to visit in south Goa
Honeymoon Island

Another hidden gem of south Goa is located few kilometers from Palolem beach or Agonda beach is Honeymoon Island. An island with crystal clear water along with white sand and gives picturesque beauty to the visitors. The only way to reach this paradise is Palolem or Agonda beach ferry. When you take the ferry ride to Butterfly beach, Honeymoon Island is covered through the same ferry. It will not take more than 5 min from the ferry to reach this Island. It doesn't matter whether you are with your loved one or in a group, this small paradise is worth the visit.

Agonda Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
Agonda Beach shacks

White sand seashore situated in the southern region of Goa is Agonda beach. A lesser-known paradise has its beauty in its best form. It is also a beach for a turtle nesting site. A pristine shoreline of the beach is all set to offer sea view meals and drinks to Goa lovers, and this is why you will prefer to visit Agonda beach again and again. This beach also offers shopping options like Palolem. For one who wants to stay budget-friendly, the resort at Agonda is a perfect place. You can spend calm alone time at peaceful resorts near Agonda beach. The shacks here have a variety of original local cuisines along with chosen delicacies from the world. Agonda beach also offers you an exquisite view of the sun painting the sky.

Cola Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
Backwater Kayaking at Cola Beach

It is one of the famous beaches of South Goa. A beach with golden sand and a backdrop of tall forested hills. There is no local transportation to reach here. One has to travel on own vehicle or scooter. You may find fewer than dozens of travelers here. It is one of the hidden Islands of Goa. A beach offers a glimpse of the river parallel to its seashore and this is the unique point of it. It is one of the running beaches for Kayaking activity at the backwater that meets the cola beach. The charge of Kayaking is 150 per person for half an hour. The roads are not in good condition to drive till beach point. Although you can take your four-wheeler to the beach with all the precautions. Roads are very tough to drive.

Cabo De Rama Fort

Places to visit in south Goa
Cabo De Rama Fort view

One of the major attractions of South Goa is the Cabo De Rama fort. An ancient fort of Portuguese situated close to Agonda and Palolem. A fort with much historic relevance to Goa. It has a church inside the fort which is still in excellent condition, and also used by many devotees. White church and black fort provide a photographic picture of stark contrast. People visit here to enjoy the mystical view offered by the cliff of the fort. Cliff here drops the panoramic view of Colva beach and Canacona stretch. One can immerse in the view of the water waves through coconut trees at the seashore. The timing of the Cab fort is from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Canaguinim beach is located at a distance of 11 km from Cabo De Rama fort.

Canaguinim Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
Canaguinim Beach sunset point

Another hidden Island with blue water and soothing waves is Canaguinim beach. Though it is not the main tourist attraction, the reason it is still undiscovered and very few people know it. It is suitable for those who would like to spend their holiday in savage. One of the finest beaches of India with a view of the sunset. The mountain cliff near Canaguinim beach offers a satisfying view of the sunset. One can seat at the edge of the mountain and enjoy the sun's play.

Colva Beach

Places to visit in south Goa
Colva Beach near Margaon

Are you confused between Cola beach and Colva beach? These are two different beaches with their different beauty in their own form. It is situated close to the Margaon region and one of the beaches filled with frequent visitors. A white sand beach stretching from 2.4 km across the coastal seashore. As you reach the Colva beach, you will witness many shacks and pubs on the beach. One who wants to explore the villas of Portuguese time, Colva is the significant place for them. You may find lots of water activity on the beach. One can seat at shacks while basking under the sun and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze.

Traveling Around The Goa

Don’t get upset on thinking about how to reach my destination in Goa? Where to travel first? If you are in south Goa then the seashore coastal line is connected from Palolem beach to Colva beach near Margaon. Take a parallel road to this seashore and explore all the beaches in line. It is always a better option to rent a bike and explore the places. 

Autos and private taxis are a bit costly to reach from one place to another. Goa is one such state that has many shops that rent the bike, the prices start from 300 INR for Scotty to 1000 INR for bullet for one day. Many small vendors have set up their shops near the railway station, Margaon, and Kadamba bus stand. You need to submit a hard copy of your ID proof while purchasing a bike on rent. The only thing you need to take care of is fuel. One has to fill the fuel tank whenever you find the petrol pump. I normally purchase bikes from Caro Centre near the Kadamba bus stand. The distance is close to 1.5 km from the bus stand. I would suggest you take the bike from here and leave it back to this place as it is close to KDM (Kadamba bus stand) where you can find state travels or local buses to reach Margaon railway station.

If you don’t know to drive a bike then no worries. Goa offers you a rider that will take you around the Goa, but it is costly and not budget-friendly. There are local buses available from the Kadamba bus stand, but the frequency is very less, you have to compromise on time too.

Things to Remember While Visiting South Goa

-You should always book your stay before arriving in Goa. You may lose out on the booking in season time if not booked early.

-Traffic rules are very strict here, so better to ride your drive with proper safety.

-You may get petrol in a local shop for emergency purposes.

-Take a photo of your rented vehicle, and also check your vehicle before renting.

-There is a locker room available at Margaon station to keep your luggage (charges 40 INR for 1 bag).

-Wear a mask while driving and shopping, and also entering railway stations, otherwise, you will be fine.

-Try to keep excess cash in the pocket as ATM’s are very less in number or if you find there might some technical issues.

-Auto rickshaws are very costly, so better to avoid them.

-Do not litter the area around the beach.




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