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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Top Things to Explore in Your Visit to Tapola in Mahabaleshwar

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar

Top Things to Explore in Your Visit to Tapola in Mahabaleshwar

About Tapola

Tapola, though it is just a single word, yes many called it as ‘Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra’. The stunning view of the Sahyadri hills and the village is situated on the River Koyana along with its backwater is what you can expect from here. Tapola in Mahabaleshwar is a place with a magnificent lake surrounded by the tall mountains and lush greeneries of the Sahyadri forest. It is located in the Koyana wildlife sanctuary on the distance of 30 km from Mahabaleshwar, Satara road in Maharashtra of India. One of the beautiful tourist spots majorly known for boating in the backwater of Koyana Dam is Tapola Lake. The lake is part of Shivsagar stretching to the backwater of Koyana Dam. It is a popular place for nature lovers who love the scenic landscape views, photographers who love to capture the breathtaking views, and trekking lovers who love to explore the hills of Sahyadri.

How to Reach Tapola

The nearest airport to reach Tapola is in Pune, Maharashtra. Tapola is further 120 km from the Pune airport. You can choose to option of local transportation from the airport to Tapola or can also hire a self-drive car for more convenient travel.

By Train

Satara is the nearest railhead to reach the Tapola. It is well connected to the major cities of Maharashtra. Regular express trains are passing from Satara to other states of India. One can also manage to reach Pune or Mumbai by train and then local travels to reach further. There are regular local STs that are available to reach Tapola from the Satara bus stop.

By Road

Tapola is 245 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune. Regular private and government buses are available to reach the Mahabaleshwar. From Mahabaleshwar you can opt for a private taxi or bus to reach Tapola. One has to take right from Satara main highway. The roads are in good condition so one can take their own vehicle also. Traveling with your own vehicle is a more convenient way to reach here. 

Things to Explore in Tapola

Tapola Lake

A perfect example of serenity is Tapola Lake. The lake is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains of the western ghat. It is one of the famous attractions in the Koyna wildlife sanctuary. Many tourists choose the Tapola is their trekking destination. It is not only famous for trekking but yes; it is famous for its wild camping with bonfire. Tapola Lake offers the boating experience to its visitors. Paddle boating, Kayaking, and motorboat riding are some of the adventurous activities of this place. Boating in the backwater of Koyana Dam looks spectacular, especially at sunset time. It is the place to give some relaxing sensation to the organs and the perfect place to take your children around it. Some nominal boating charges may vary as per the boat type.

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Shivsagar Lake Tapola- A view from the temple

Triveni Sangam

Triveni Sangam is the confluence of three rivers that is also a sacred place. The place can be seen through the boating in the Shivsagar Lake of the Tapola. River Koyana, River Solshi, and River Kandhati meet each other, therefore it is been named as Triveni Sangam. It is only visible through a boat ride in Tapola Lake. It offers an exquisite view to visitors. A perfect place to enjoy with your families, friends, and loved on. One needs to buy a ticket to explore Triveni Sangam and Shivsagar Island. The ticket counter is at the entrance of the lake. The charge ranges from 600 to 1600 as per the boat type. Triveni Sangam at Tapola is worth visiting.

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Triveni Sangam viewpoint where three river meets each other

Temple of Lord Datta with its Hidden Caves

Tapola boat tourism offers different packages of boat rides. This package covers Triveni Sangan viewpoint, Shivsagar Lake Island, and yes hidden caves at Datta Temple. All these points need to covers within 2 hours of the boat ride. The temple is been located in the forest area. Hidden caves are the peculiarity of this temple. There is Shivlinga inside this hidden cave. One should not miss this Shivlinga in your visit.

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Hidden Caves at Tapola- You find the Shivlinga inside these caves

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Temple situated in the forest area of Shivsagar Lake

Scenic Bike Ride from Tapola to Mahabaleshwar

While visiting Tapola, you must plan a road trip to Mahabaleshwar. The distance is not more than 25 km. The road passing through the dense forest and long curves is the major attraction for bike riders. Valley on one side and mountains on other side is what you can expect from Tapola-Mahabaleshwar road ride. In monsoon, this becomes more scenic as shimmering waterfalls add a glimpse to your visit. There are some food stalls on the roadside to give small break to your stomach. The roads are in good condition to drive.

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Tapola-Mahabaleshwar bike route

Also, read Mahabaleshwar points to explore

Vasota Fort

Tapola boat ride will also take you to the base point of the Vasota fort. One of the beautiful attractions of the legend Shivaji Maharaj is Vasota fort. Boat charges are 3500 to reach the base of the Vasota fort and you need to trek for further 3 hours to reach the summit point of the fort. It is better to go in a big group size in the boat because it may save your pocket. It is a great place for trekking enthusiasts. No doubt Vasota can be visited from the Konkan route as well but, you can also enjoy this view through the boating from Bamnoli, Tapola. 

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar
Vasota fort through the Lake of Bamnoli

Ideal Time to Visit Tapola

Tapola can be visited throughout the year. Maharashtra has got its beauty in various forms and it differs in different seasons. Tapola is one of those to feel the charms.

Winter from October to February is the ideal season to visit Tapola. The reason one can explore the experience of camping adventure altogether. The temperature in this season drops to below 10 degrees; therefore it is known as ‘Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra’. Winter always comes with a variety of colorful flowers all around and clouds playing hide and seek. The view of the sunset through boating is a memorable experience of life.

When I say Shimmering waterfall means it's monsoon time to get wet and wild. Yes, the monsoon at Tapola spreads the lush green color across the mountains. The soothing sound of the waterfall looks amazing. Tapola receives mild to heavy rainfall every year. The waterfalls you see enhance the charm of Tapola. One who prefers to stay wet throughout the day then this is an ideal time to explore. Avoid visiting in heavy rainfall for safety purposes as there are chances of landslide on Tapola-Mahabaleshwar road.

For people who wish to stay away from the humidity for some time then summer is the ideal season. Tapola offers some refreshing and cooling time to their visitors. If you want to leave the noise and pollution behind then Tapola is the ideal place to visit.

Places to Stay at Tapola

Tapola being a place rich in biodiversity there are many Eco and Agro tourism that offers the eco-friendly stay. Tapola has an ample amount of stay options for visitors. One who wants to explore the vibes of eco stay there are so many environment-friendly eco-resorts. The cost is also in the nominal range where one can afford a stay with families. They also have the facility of homemade food to enjoy the typical flavor of a local village. You can get many options online to book your stay at Tapola. There are so many hotels and resorts ranging from normal to deluxe class.  

Tapola in Mahabaleshwar is one such place of peace that one should never miss visiting. 

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