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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Murudeshwar Temple | Top Things You Must Know About Its History

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple | Top Things You Must Know About Its History

It is said that money cannot buy happiness, isn’t it? Then what is it that gives you happiness, my mind started asking me. Traveling to unknown places is what my answer was to my mind. It may be the same answer in your case too, right? With this thought, I took out my bucket list immediately and went on the page which I was about to tick, and guess what? The next place on my bucket list was nonetheless a divine Murudeshwar Temple. Yes, a place which is very close to my heart. It is close because of its history of it in Ramayana. I will take you all through that history. After reading that history it will become a desire to visit once in a lifetime. Divine Murudeshwar is a small town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kanada in the Karnataka state of India. It is famous for the world’s second tallest statue of Lord Shiva. This statue lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and exactly beside the Murudeshwar beach and this is the reason many have given attention to this.

Top Things you Must Know about the History of Murudeshwar

According to the chapters of Ramayana, Kaikesi who was the mother of Ravana was the devotee of Lord Shiva along with Ravana. Kaikesi used to make Lingas from the beach sand and she was also used to pray that Lingas. The everyday sea used to wash that Linga made up of Sand. Once Ravana promised her that he will go to Mount Kailash and bring back lord Shiva’s Atma Linga to his mother. However, Ravana went to Mount Kailash and penance himself in front of Lord Shiva. He further chopped one of his ten heads as a gift to Lord Shiva and in return, Ravana asked for the Atma Linga from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva took the Atma Linga from his heart and gave it to Ravana with one condition that Ravana should not keep that Atma Linga down until he reached his destination. If he put the Linga down then it will be affixed in the same place. Ravana agreed and started moving towards his kingdom.

All other lords were afraid of it and they thought if Ravana gets succeeded to take Atma Linga to his kingdom then he may misuse it. Narada approached Lord Ganesha and asked him to interrupt Ravana’s journey. Ravana used to perform daily rituals followed by evening baths and Lord Ganesha knew it. With the help of Lord Vishnu who blotted out the sun to give an appearance in the daytime, Lord Ganesha turned himself into a small boy and started walking next to the Ravana. When Ravana saw a boy passing next to him, he called Lord Ganesha and handed over Atma Linga passing the instruction that he should not put Linga on the ground until he baths. In return, that boy said he will call Ravana three-time and if he doesn’t come then he will put that Linga on the ground. Later, Lord Ganesha called Ravana three times in a low voice, Ravana didn’t turn and he kept that Linga on the ground.

Ravana became furious and tried to uproot the Linga from the ground but he couldn’t succeed. While pulling that Linga got broken out and it broke into six parts and those parts were fallen into different regions. Murudeshwar was one of the regions and now it is known as Lord Shiva’s Murudeshwar. Isn’t it interesting, right? I personally feel you must visit this place once.

How to Reach the Murudeshwar Temple in Karnataka?

The Murudeshwar lies in the state of Karnataka, India. It is 165 km from Mangalore and 500 km from Bangalore. It is just 1 km far from National Highway-17

By Air

Mangalore International airport is the nearest airport to reach Murudeshwar. It is located at a distance of 165 km from the airport. Hubli and Goa airport are one of those options to reach this place. They both are at a distance of 220 km from Murudeshwar.

By Train

Murudeshwar railway station is the nearest railway station to reach the main temple. It is well connected to major cities like Mangalore, and Mumbai. The main temple is further 3 km from the railway station. There are very few trains that run from Bangalore to Murudeshwar.

By Road

The driving distance from Mumbai to Murudeshwar is not less than 700 km. One can drive the scenic route but, you will have to break your journey to avoid tiredness.

My Experience of Visiting Murudeshwar Temple

I took this place in the bucket since I had the first glimpse of it on social media. That was the first time when this place became a dream to visit. later, I started collecting information about the place. Recently I had been to Hampi for a few days from Mumbai where Murudeshwar was not less than 300 km from Hampi but, I knew if not this time then it was going to take time to revisit the south coast of India. One of my friends asked about the plan? Hampi and then to Murudeshwar I said.

As per the plan, we started our Journey from Hampi toward Murudeshwar. It took us 8 hours to reach the divine temple. By the time we reach the place, it was 9 pm in the evening. The main temple gets closed at 8pm. I was still able to see a glimpse of Lord Shiva's statue which was standing right behind the main temple. All tiredness ran away after seeing the gorgeous Lord Shiva statue. We spent some relaxing time near the sea and checked into a hotel. Due to the pandemic situation hotels were not pre-booked and that’s the reason we got our stay at 500 INR per room. The distance of the hotel was 500m only.

On the next day I got up at 6am when others were still having their sleep. I went to the temple alone to get some handsome sunrise clicks. The view of the sunrise was astonishing, the sun rays kissing coconut trees, and then to the beach was a breathing view. Post sunrise I went inside the main temple, other people also joined me by that time and you know what? It was 7:30 am when the aarti takes place in Murudeshwar temple. The structure and art of the temple will wander you. The soothing sound of Mridangam played in the aarti will connect to your soul. I was so touched by this sound.

Murudeshwar Temple
This sunray can be seen from the main temple

Murudeshwar Temple
The main temple of Murudeshwar with the Lord Shiva statue in the background

The main view was yet to come and that’s Gopura of Murudeshwar. It lies exactly opposite the main temple. I had heard of this building on social media. This 20 stories high Gopuram is the world’s tallest gopuram guarded by two elephants at its main gate. This Gopuram offers a splendid view of the Shiva statue along with the panoramic view of Kanduka hill on the edges of Murudeshwar beach. I tried to enter Gopuram where someone from the main gate asked me to purchase a ticket for 10 INR.  After buying a ticket I headed to the 13th floor by lift to get the splendid view. Remember the Gopura has timing from 7:50 am in the morning. 

Murudeshwar Temple
This is 27 stories of Gopuram with a bodyguard on the main gate

Murudeshwar Temple
Gopuram can be seen from the main temple and I must say to visit the early morning

We went to have breakfast in a sea-facing restaurant next to the temple and further went to see the caves museum beside the statue of Lord Shiva. We headed to these caves post temple visit. You will be surprised to know that this museum describes the history of Murudeshwar in 10 min. You don’t even need to refer to any paper to know the history, you just need to visit this museum, and then you are done. It gave me Goosebumps for a second when I visit this caves museum and went back into the past to imagine the history of the Murudeshwar.

Murudeshwar Temple
Lord Shiva statue of Murudeshwar

Don’t forget to visit the langar hall of Murudeshwar temple where free food is served to their devotees. Murudeshwar is one of those places that are adventure seekers. Many water activities are done on the Murudeshwar beach. You can have a ride in the boat, a Banana ride along with Dolphin spotting. I was so lucky that I spotted Dolphins while I was having breakfast in a restaurant.

Murudeshwar Temple
Every langar has its own peculiarity 

What is the Ideal Time to Visit Murudeshwar?

Murudeshwar is one of the pilgrimage centers. It is open for their visitors throughout the years but, the ideal time to visit here is October to February month when the climate is pleasant. This is winter time and winter is perfect to explore the coastal area. You can also visit from March to May. This is the summer season and on the coastal side, there is a bit hot and humid in this season.

Some people visit here in monsoon but, monsoon here receives heavy rainfall so it is better to avoid visiting in monsoon.

Where to Stay While Visiting Murudeshwar?

Are you concerned about your stay in Murudeshwar? No worry, there are so many hotels that offer you to stay at a reasonable rate near the main temple. Hotel Kamath is one of the options and it is exactly close to the temple that offers sea-facing rooms. RNS residency and Indraprasad are some of the options for budget stays. The room rents are ranging from 400 INR to 5000 INR in season time. If you are an expert in bargaining then you will get to stay at 300 INR also.

What are Special Eateries at Murudeshwar?

Food is something I never compromised when I travel anywhere in India. You can also save on travel but one should always have good quality food. Quality food doesn’t mean you should eat Pizza and Burgers right? There is normal Indian food that is healthy for the body and Murudeshwar is one of those places with so many varieties of Indian food.

I must mention the Langar of Murudeshwar temple. The food serves in the langar is free of cost for its devotes and you know what, the food is much healthy and delicious too. Langar is the peculiarity of this place. Langar's starting time is at 12 noon in the afternoon and you will be surprised after seeing the process of self-service langar.

What are the Top Places to Visit around Murudeshwar?

Joga Falls- The distance from Murudeshwar is 90km.

Gokarna-Situated at a distance of 70 km.

Idagunji- It is located at a distance of 15 km.

Dhareshwara- The distance from Murudeshwar is 40 km.

Mirjan Fort- This historical fort lies at a distance of 40 km from Murudeshwar.

Yana Caves- One of the gorgeous rock-cut caves located at a distance of 75 km.

The above places are located at a distance of 50 to 100 km from Murudeshwar temple. If you are here for more than 2 to 3 days, I would suggest you hire a private cab and visit these beautiful places once. Below is the number if you want to explore these places.

9900593644 (for taxi service booking)