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Sunday, September 11, 2022

How to Reach Sinhagad Fort from Mumbai and Pune?

Sinhagad Fort

How to Reach Sinhagad Fort from Mumbai and Pune?

Sinhagad Fort is one of those historical forts of India which is a major tourist attraction for many trekking lovers and also families. This fort is located southwest city of Pune, Maharashtra in India. Since the fort is an example of many battles, it is also known as the Kondhana Fort. The fort has got more attraction in recent years because the biggest battle of this fort was pictured in the Tanaji Bollywood Movie which was released recently. The height of the fort is 4300 feet. This has become a weekend one-day destination for all residents of Pune and also trekking lovers across India. This is one of the forts like Pratapgad Fort where you can take your vehicle to the summit of the fort. The famous battles were fought here by Tanaji Malusare, general of Shivaji Maharaj of the Maratha Empire.

History of Sinhagad Fort

The battle of Sinhagad Fort was fought by Tanaji Malusare. This battle was won by Talaji Malusare with the help of only 500 Maratha worrier against the Mughals Udaybhan Rathod.
A steep cliff was climbed in the night by the Maratha warriors of Tanaji Malusare and the battle was started to conquer the Sinhagad Fort.  The mission to capture the fort led Tanaji Malusare to the end of his life. Upon hearing the Tanaji's death Shivaji Maharaj is remorseful with the words, 'Gad Ala, Pan Sinha Gela' (The fort is conquered but, Lion was lost). A bust of Tanaji Malusare was established on the fort in memory of his contribution to the battle.

How to reach Sinhagad Fort from Mumbai and Pune?

Sinhagad Fort is easily accessible from different cities in Maharashtra, the only thing you should know is the mode of transportation. It can be reached by Air, Train, and Road.

By Air

Mumbai International Airport and Pune domestic airport are the nearest airheads to reach Sinhagad Fort. Once you land at the airport, take local transportation to the fort. The fort is 50 km from Pune airport and 180 km from Mumbai. Local transportation is available to reach the fort.

By Train

Pune railway station is the nearest railhead to reach the fort. Once you get down to the railway station, walk to the bus depo and take the PMT bus to the base of the fort. I would suggest you reach Swargate from Pune station which is at a distance of 15 min by bus and then take a bus to the base of the fort. Once you reach the base you will find share taxis to reach the summit point of the fort. You can also take a direct cab from Pune railway station to the fort. It takes one and half hours from the railway station to the fort.

By Road

Sinhagad Fort is 180 km from Mumbai and 40 km from Pune. The scenic drive of the Mumbai-Pune express highway will take you to your destination. The bikes are not allowed on the express highway but, one can prefer to be on the old expressway of Mumbai-Lonavala, and then to Pune. The roads are in good condition. The final one-hour drive is through the Ghat so one has to be careful while driving.

My Experience of Sinhagad Fort Trek 

Sinhagad Fort was added to my bucket since I saw the movie Tanaji. One fine day we decides to head to Pune. As decided we started our journey from Panvel depo. This was the first time we decided to travel to Pune via MSRTC bus. We headed to Panvel Depo at 7am in the morning and caught the express bus going towards Swargate in Pune. I put on my earphone with my favorite travel songs and started waiting for my destination to arrive. When I reached Lonavala the weather was so charming. The wind chill, fog, and shimmering water streams made my day. I couldn't stop myself from clicking the picture though the picture was not that clear through the bus. Later I stopped clicking it and started feeling the weather. Beauty cannot be clicked, it can only be felt. It was 10:30 am by the time we reached the Swargate. After getting out to the bus depo we headed to the Sinhagad Fort bus stop situated exactly opposite the main bus depo of Swargate. There are so many autos waiting for Sinhagad passengers. You may get a local bus to reach the base of the fort. We preferred to travel by local bus to the base village and then caught share taxi to the summit of the fort.
Bus no 50 that exactly opposite to Swargate ST stand
Costing per head is 50 INR
Time is taken to reach base village-45min

When our stop arrived the conductor asked to get done if we want to go by share taxi and stay back if we want to go by trek because trekking starts from the last bus stop of the bus. Since this time we did not want to trek so we got out of the bus 1km before the last stop and headed to the taxi stand to reach the top of the fort. Let me tell you all this is one of the good news to all who don't want to trek but also want to explore the fort. You can either take your own vehicle or you can also option share taxis from the base to the summit of the fort. Isn't it good news? This is why it is one of the crowded forts.
Share cab fare is 70 per head
Time is taken to reach the summit-30min

Sinhagad Fort
Driving route uphill to Sinhagad Fort by road

Let me tell you there are so many places to visit at the summit. The picture of Sinhagad Fort cleared my mind since I have seen the movie Tanaji. The complete battle of Sinhagad Fort is pictured in Tanaji Movie. The fort has got so many attractions to post the release of the movie Tanaji. Every single child along with their family wishes to visit the beautiful monument.

As we entered through the Pune Door (Pune Gate) which is the first entrance gate of the fort, there was a Horse stable (PAGA) on the left-hand side along with many water reservoirs. We spent a few minutes clicking the pictures and exploring them. As we moved ahead there were few temples on route. One of the must-visit temples was Amruteshwar temple. There are so many small monuments inside the fort which are in ruined condition. There is one more place not to miss called 'Rajaram Maharaj Samadhi'. He was the son of Shivaji Maharaj who lost his life in the fort. The one important corner not to miss here is called the wind point just opposite Rajaram Maharaj Samadhi, this place gives you the speedy cool breeze and you can spend some relaxing time here. We climbed a little to reach the summit point of the fort. The summit of the fort has a garden along with the statue of the Maratha Worriers with their respective weapons. It also has the statue of Tanaji Malusare. We spent some time here to imagine how the battles were fought by legendary Tanaji Malusare with their other worriers. Sometimes when you take a pause for a minute and start imagining the historical battles of Shivaji Maharaj then it gives you goosebumps and you feel so proud after visiting the place. The structures here are in ruined condition but still attract people.

Sinhagad Fort
Pune Darwaza (Pune Gate) is the first entrance of the Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort
Rajaram Maharaj Samadhi built on the fort

Sinhagad Fort
Everyone's favorite snacks in monsoon time
Sinhagad Fort
Ghodyanchi Paga (Horse Stable) is situated right next to Pune Gate

The climate here was densely covered with fog, we could hardly see anything from top to bottom. After visiting Summit point we went to see Kalyan Darvaza (Kalyan Gate) which was on the back side of the fort. We could see the bastions which we still in good condition. Many vendors were selling the Kulfis, Corn, Kairi, and Peanuts. It was 3pm now and we felt so tired though we did not trek. We found a small hut of locals and went to have our delicious lunch prepared by the locals. After lunch, we made our way back home. As we descend to Pune Gate which was the first point of the fort, there was huge traffic of vehicles at the exit of the fort. We had no option rather than waiting for another 30 minutes for traffic to get clear. After reaching the bus stop we had to wait for another 40 min to get the bus. Traveling here by local transportation was so frustrating.  I told my wife we will never travel by local transport anymore. Trust me it is a better option to take your own vehicle rather than local transport. It is cost-saving as well as time-saving.

Sinhagad Fort
Kalyan Darwaza (Kalyan Gate) bastion are still in well condition

Sinhagad Fort
Exploring Sinhagad Fort summit is very easy and directional routes are available

Sinhagad Fort
Statue of Tanaji Malusare at the summit of the fort

Food Experince at Sinhagad Fort

Being located at the corner of Pune you can not expect continental food at the summit of the fort. There is one simple and delicious meal that is been offered for all trekkers and it is nonetheless Maharashtra's favorite Pithla Bhakri and Vangyacha Bharit which is served with onion pickles, Buttermilk, and curd. Yes, being my favorite food whenever I go to any fort in Maharashtra, I never miss these two delicious meals. You will never get the gems of this food anywhere. This is the peculiarity of Maharashtra. Apart from these meals vendors also sell corn, Pakodas, Raw Mangoes, and many more such snacks. I would suggest if you plan to visit here then you must try Maharashtra's most popular dish.

Sinhagad Fort
Maharashtra's favorite meals called Vangyacha Bharit and Pitla Bhakri

What is the stay option at Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad is the major attraction in Pune city. Some so many travelers head to Sinhagad Fort and plan their one-day stay in the nearby area. Being a major attraction, there are lots of resorts and guest houses to stay in. The resort also offers water and sports activities. The government is constructing MTDC resorts at the top of the fort. If you are planning to stay then it is better to make your booking in advance. In seasons like monsoon and winter weekends, the resorts get the full rush.

Which is the best time to visit Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad fort is accessible throughout the years but, you may see crowds during the monsoon and winter seasons. The monsoon from July to September is the ideal time to visit Sinhagad Fort. the weather is cool and foggy, this is the area that receives continuous rain during the monsoon period. The only drawback of the monsoon season is when it starts to rain it covers the entire area with heavy fog and you will not be able to see the valley view along the surrounding view of Sahyadri Mountain.
In my view, the best time to visit here is Winter from October to February. The weather cools with temperatures ranging between 15 to 25 degrees. This is the best time if you are planning to stay here for stay.
You will hardly find someone visiting here in the summertime. the summer days in Maharashtra are too hot and humid.

Things to remember before heading to Sinhagad fort

  • If you are traveling by local transportation then you must start early morning.
  • From Pune Swarget there is only one bus that goes to the base of the Sinhagad fort and runs every hour.
  • I would suggest you all please take your own vehicle and go.
  • Avoid visiting on Sundays during monsoon time, it gets rushy and you may stuck in that traffic.
  • A washroom is available at the fort area on a pay basis.
  • Before visiting the fort, you must go through the history of the fort, it will make you easily explore the points.
  • Do not litter the area around.

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