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Monday, November 21, 2022

Why Old Mahabaleshwar is so Famous for its Ancient Temples?

Temples in Mahabaleshwar

Why Old Mahabaleshwar is so Famous for its Ancient Temples?

Mahabaleshwar, when the name comes into the picture, the very first thing that strikes your mind is the hill station, am I right?  But dear friends, Mahabaleshwar is one of those place which is most likely famous for its ancient temples. While many flocks to explore the mountains of Mahabaleshwar, I along with my wife made plans to explore the ancient temples of Old Mahabaleshwar. There are two sites in Mahabaleshwar, one is new and the other is old Mahabaleshwar. All the major temples reside in old Mahabaleshwar. The gorgeousness of the temples is the peculiarity of here. Mahabaleshwar is not meant to explore the highest passes but a traveler also goes to see the beauty of the historical temples of the Mahabaleshwar. The place is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, India. There are many temples to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Among the many temples, few are the most magnificent to explore. Mahabaleshwar temple, Krishnabai temple, and Panchaganga temple are the best ones to visit. I will take you through the details of all three major temples.

How to Travel to Old Mahabaleshwar?

Mahabaleshwar is the major tourist destination of Maharashtra. Being a major destination, reaching here has become so easy. It can be reached by Air, Train, and Road from different states and countries.

By Air

Mumbai International airport and Pune domestic airport is the nearest airport to reach Mahabaleshwar. The destination is 240km and 130 km from the respective airport. Once you get down to the airport you can book a direct cab to reach or you can also opt for local transportation.

By Train

One of the cheapest and fastest ways to reach Mahabaleshwar is by train. Wathar is the nearest railhead to reach your destination. The most convenient railhead is the Pune railway station. There are plenty of trains available to reach Pune station and then to Mahabaleshwar by local or Volvo buses. Pune railway station is well connected to other major cities and states of India.

By Bus

For one who wants to drive from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar or Pune to Mahabaleshwar, it will take 4 to 5 hours depending on the traffic. The best road to drive is the Mumbai-Pune expressway and then to Wai-Mahabaleshwar. The roads are in good condition to drive on. For one who wants to travel on a bike, it is best to follow Mumbai-Pune old highway.

Top Historical Temples to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Temple in Mahabaleshwar

This 800-year-old Mahabaleshwar temple is located in the old Mahabaleshwar place which is 6 km from the main city of Mahabaleshwar. It can be easily reached by own vehicle or by local ST. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple plays a significant role in history as it is the only temple in the world with Linga in the form of Rudraksha. The temple was built by Marathas in the 16th century. Being a major tourist attraction in Mahabaleshwar, it attracts visitors from the country to visit the shrine to witness majestic architecture and the unique Shiva Linga. The serene atmosphere of the temple attracts many visitors.

Temples in Mahabaleshwar
Lord Shiva temple of Mahabaleshwar with the view of surrounding Mountains

Krishnabai Temple in Mahabaleshwar

A ruined structure made up of black stone and bricks, Krishnabai temple amazed everyone with its beauty. Krishnabai temple is located right opposite Mahabaleshwar temple. It is situated at a distance of 300 m from Mahabaleshwar and 5 km from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. It is among the famous temple from Mahabaleshwar hill station. Since it is the source of the Krishna River, the temple was built in 1988. The temple has Shiva Lingam beautiful statue of the goddess Krishna. A small water stream flowing from the mouth of the cow's face looks magnificent. The Temple structure is made up of stone carving the peculiarity of Krishnabai temple. The temple also offers a view of Krishna valley along with River Krishna. 

Temples in Mahabaleshwar
One of the magnificent temple of Mahabaleshwar


Panchaganga Temple

Panchaganga temple stands right beside the Mahabaleshwar temple. The name itself suggests a river that combines five different rivers. Krishna, Koyna, Savitri, Venna, and Gayatri meet together inside the Panchaganga temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna with a beautiful idol of him placed inside the temple.

Temples in Mahabaleshwar
A place where five Rivers meets each other inside the temple 

The history which is linked with the goddess is the main reason that Old Mahabaleshwar is so famous for its ancient temples.

Traveling Around the Mahabaleshwar

If you are planning to Mahabaleshwar then I would recommend you to travel in your own vehicle. The significant advantage is that you can travel to any place without any time limit. Those who don’t have their own vehicle then they need not worry. The local buses are available to reach one place to another place. The government buses run to and from the main tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. Traveling via local bus can be time-consuming so plan your visit accordingly.

You can hire a cab on a rental basis. They will charge you around 600 to 800 per cab to explore a few places around Mahabaleshwar. This can be an ideal option if you are traveling with your family. When it comes to exploring the main temples in Mahabaleshwar then you don’t need any vehicle. Those temples can be covered within walking distance.

Other Places to Explore Around the Temples in Old Mahabaleshwar

Arthur Seat Point

Arthur Seat Point is located on the distance of 8km from Old Mahabaleshwar. The point is named after Sir George Arthur (Government of Bombay Presidency from 1841 to 1846). This place is also called, " the queen of the points ". 

Old Mahabaleshwar
A picturesque place of Old Mahabaleshwar

Malcolm Point

Situated at a distance of 8km, Malcolm point is a viewpoint of places like Arthur, Torna Peth, Pratapgad Fort, and Savitri Valley. It offers the astonishing view of surrounding point.

Old Mahabaleshwar
A place offers the view of all the points of Mahabaleshwar

Elphinstone Point

One of the most underrated yet handsome points in old Mahabaleshwar. There is little walk involved with big steps to reach the point from the parking point. It offers a picturesque beauty to visitors. The distance from old Mahabaleshwar is just 5km.

Old Mahabaleshwar
Stairs leading to the view of Elphinstone point

Echo Point

Echo Point is a place where you can hear your own voice in return after you shout. Isn't that sound interesting? Yes, you may find many visitors here to experience the specularity of this point. The distance from old Mahabaleshwar is 7km.

Old Mahabaleshwar
Magical point to hear your own voice

Old Mahabaleshwar
Krishnabai temple gives you the view of Krishna River in its background

Budget Stays in Old Mahabaleshwar

Since most of the major temples of Mahabaleshwar located in Old Mahabaleshwar area, this is the reason it has many hotels and resort available for the tourist. Many tourist flocks in winter season on weekend so one needs to do booking in advance through various site like make my trip, go ibibo,, and also Oyo. 
The stays here ranges from economic to deluxe depending on your budget. The one looks for budget stay, the available options are Farm villa, Shravya holiday. These are located on walkable distance from the main temples. I would suggest to book your stay near Mahabaleshwar temple so that you can explore all the temples. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Visit to Old Mahabaleshwar

  • Please do your booking in advance before you head to Mahabaleshwar specifically on the weekend of the winter.
  • You need to hire a private cab to explore other places apart from temples. Cab charges are around 500 INR to 700 INR.
  • Do not click a picture once you are inside the temple, photography of the temple from inside is strictly restricted. You can click pictures once you are outside the temple.
  • If you want you can hire a guide to explore the place, they will charge you around 200 INR to 400 INR per person.
  • Please read the history of the temple before visiting it.
  • Please do not litter the area around the temple. 


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