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Monday, February 4, 2019

Top 5 Places To Explore Around Bhandardara-Nashik

Bhandardara, Nashik

Top 5 Places To Explore Around Bhandardara-Nashik

About Bhandardara

One day I along with my friend were discussing the necessity to be way from home and wanted to experience something that can give glimpse of Camping, Bone fire, Lush greeneries and Little of Trek along with bike ride. The place which was going to give all of this was nonetheless than Bhandardara. We started our journey on bike from Mumbai. Driving first time to the hill station was going to be a dream come true for us and that too a place like Bhandardara. A hill station situated in between the valley and lush greeneries is Bhandardara. It is one of the place which is known as holiday village. It is the most popular retreats for the people from Maharashtra especially who seeks retreat from warm coastal climate. The amazing Lake and surrounding Mountain’s make it must visit place from Maharashtra. The village is located in the Akole Ahmednagar district of state Maharashtra in Indian region. 

How To Reach Bhandardara

By Air

Nearest airport is Mumbai International airport and Shirdi domestic airport, One can hire self-drive car from here or can travel by Bus and Train.

By Road

Bhandardara is easily accessible by road from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and other cities which is further accessible from other states of India.
From Mumbai distance is 180 km, from Pune 170 km and from Nashik 70 km.
To reach Bhandardara from Mumbai route is Mumbai-Igatpuri- Ghoti- Shendi village- Bhandardara.

By Train

Nearest railway station is Igatpuri and Kasara which lies between Mumbai-Nashik route and Bhandardara is further 44 km from Igatpuri. From there local transportation buses are available till Bhandardara (Bus frequency is very less).
From cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik can come to Igatpuri and reach to Bhandardara.
There are share cabs available from Ghoti village for Bhandardara village. Ghoti is further 20 km from Kasara railway station.

Where You Can Stay At Bhandardara

There are resorts and MTDC hotels available here where you can save your pocket. You can book the stay from online. Booking is available at make my trip and go ibibo site.
In summer and winter season traveler's rush here to feel the lake side camping adventure with bonfire and barbecue on side.
One can pitch own tent near to Lake. It is completely safe place.

Earlier this village was not popular as now, but as the adventurer started visiting the place and uploaded photos on social media, it has become most popular in recent years. You would not believe, but this village is also known for “CHHOTA KASHMIR OF MAHARASHTRA”. To see the view of Sahyadri’s 360 one can climb to Ratangad Fort
This village has also got the beauty of highest peak of Maharashtra Mount Kalsubai.

Coming back to my experience of Bhandardara, This has become my favorite place from the day, when i first saw the photos and immediately got engaged with this place. Being situated in the base of local village, earlier it was not know much. Later, photos from this place started getting viral on social media and it became one of the famous tourist destination in Maharashtra. One should visit the Bhandardara every year, because camping from this place will touch your soul and it is astounding. When it comes to attraction from this place, it has become remarkable place to visit. There are so many treks for trekking lovers, multiple places of camping for adventure lover and peaceful climate, it is complete package for tourist.

Top 5 Must See Places To Visit In Bhandardara


Bhandardara, Kalsubai trek

Kalsubai is the Mountain in Western ghat, located at Bari village in Bhandardara region. It's summit situated at the height of 1646 meter and it is highest peak of Maharashtra, India. The Mountain range lies within the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Sanctury.

Wilson Dam

Bhandardara, Arthur lake

It was built in 1910 on River Pravara and built by British Wilson who was governor of Bombay, hence named as Wilson Dam.  Manufacturing of the Dam is one of the appreciable example of work done by engineers from that century. The base of this Dam has a garden which is covered with thick greeneries with forest.

Arthur Lake

Bhandardara, Arthur lake sunset
The crystal clear water surrounded with the Mountain is Arthur Lake. The water to this Lake comes from Pravara River. This Lake is covered with different colorful flowers and also famous for its beauty of Camping with bonfire. For adventure lover this is the place with cold air, Dark night, warm fire and shining stars. It is perfect place to view sunset from the middle of Lake. Yes, boating is another next level of experience here. Those who are camping at lake should never miss sunset view from boat.
Boating Time-8 am to 5 pm

Cost-200 INR for 1 hour.

Umbrella Waterfall

A waterfall that gives the glance of Milk situated on Pravara River. It is one of the beautiful waterfall that comes between the ranges of Bhandardara Mountain. In Monsoon if the Dam overflows then you would be so lucky to see the view of mesmerizing Umbrella waterfall, though it is seasonal.

 Amruteshwar Temple

Bhandardara, Amruteshwar mandir
At the distance on 17 km from Bhandardara, temple of Lord Shiva placed near the village of Ratanwadi in Bhandardara ranges is Amruteshwar temple. It has some historical importance as it is 1200 years old temple. Stones used in the construction has attractive structure and art on it. Even in summer you will feel cold inside the temple. Ratangad fort is also situated near to this temple.

What To Eat In Bhandardara

There are various hotels available that provides Veg and Non Veg food including Fish. Costing of the food is economic.
One can enjoy the Home made food if travelling with any company.
You should not miss the combination of Lemongrass Tea with Pakoda.

Ideal Time To Visit Bhandardara

Bhandardara shows its charming beauty in the monsoon month from June till September. One can enjoy beautiful view of waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls at Bhandardara.
Later from October to February is advisable place for one who wants to experience the Camping near to Lake.
In winter temperature falls down below 10 degree so one must carry woolen cloths.
In summer it is so hot from March till May.

Things To Know Before Visiting Bhandaradara

  • If you are budget traveler then carry own Camping equipment’s. You may get tents on rent that may cost around 600-1000 per tent.
  • It is completely safe place for families and kids.
  • Avoid going in summer season.
  • In Monsoon always book the stay in advance as chances of non-availability are more due to season.  
  • Do not litter the area.


Bhandardara, arthur lake

Bhandardara, holiday village

Bhandardara, Bhandardara camping

top 5 places to visit in bhandardara, arthur lake


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