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Thursday, January 26, 2023

What are the Top 7 Places to Explore in Malvan?

top places of Malvan

What are the Top 7 Places to Explore in Malvan?

Some say we have beaches to explore, some say we have historical monuments to explore, and some say we have forts to explore but, dear friends Malvan has beaches, forts, historical temples, and adventure activities to explore. Yes, Malvan is one of the exquisite places that fulfill the wishes of most travelers. Malvan is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India. It is situated on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra exactly parallel to the Arabian sea. This is one of those places which is visited by most tourists throughout the years. When you plan to explore the beauty of Malvan, you must have at least 3 days in hand. There are so many places to explore across the Malvan coast. Rock garden offers the fairytale

How to reach Malvan?

Malvan is a small town in the Sindhudurg district that can be reached easily since it is one of the top tourist destinations in Maharashtra. It can be reached by Air, Road, and Train.

By Air

Dabolim International airport in Goa is the nearest to reach Malvan. It is a further 85km from the airport. Chipi domestic airport is a newly developed airport that is 40 km from Malvan.

By Train

Kudal is the nearest railhead for Malvan. Many express trains running from other cities and states make halts at Kudal. Once you get down at the station take the local ST going towards Malvan. The distance is not more than 30 km. The buses are available in large numbers. One can also have a direct private cab.

By Road

Malvan is well connected by buses and private cabs from different cities and states. If you are driving your own vehicle from Mumbai or Pune then there are two routes to reach. One goes via Chiplun and the other goes via Karad-Kolhapur. The roads are very well in condition and pass through various ghats. Malvan is 450 km from Mumbai, 380 km from Pune, and 600 km from Nashik. A state transport bus runs to Malvan from different cities in Maharashtra.
A road trip to Malvan offers fascinating views to bikers and the road is majorly known for the bike rides. I would suggest you must visit Malvan on the bike once in a lifetime.

Traveling around the Malvan

When you go to any place around the world then the major challenge is traveling around that place, isn't it? Let me tell you Malvan has started offering you scooty and cars on rent to save you time. Once you reach the main area of Malvan some shops rented out vehicles on rent in nominal charges.
You can take a bike or car and explore each and every corner of Malvan.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Malvan

Rock Garden

Rock Garden at Malvan is not the garden that you normally visit in your residence area. This garden has some peculiarities which you would love to explore. Being situated adjacent to the beach surface this is one of the photogenic places of Malvan. The main attraction of the Rock Garden is a musical fountain. Yes, you get to see the musical fountain in the evening time. It has some kids playing areas and seashore sites to see the sun hiding behind the sea. Rock Garden is one of those places that are foodies since there are so many stalls selling a variety of street food. Remember, musical fountain timing is 7:15pm to 9 pm and show time runs every 15 min for the time of 15 min.
Entry fees are very minimal from 5 INR to 10 INR. This garden is located right next to Chivla beach and 2 km from Malvan market.

top places of Malvan
Musical fountain view of Rock Garden

Moryacha Dhonda

Dhonda is a stone in Marathi. Though it is just a stone, it has got various historical significance. The black rock was worshipped at the foundation ceremony of the Sindhudurg fort. This stone has got the sweet touch of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. While starting the construction of the fort, the Ganesh Poojan was done at Malvan seashore hence it is known as Moryacha Dhonda. You can see the carving of Ganesh, Shivling, Sun-Moon, and Nandi on these black rocks. It is hardly 5 km from Malavan's main market and the route going here is very scenic.

top places of Malvan
A place of Bhoomi Poojan while building Shindhudurg fort

Sindhudurg Fort

A historical fort that lies on the coast of Malvan. This fort can be only reached by ferry and this ferry point is located near Dandi beach. This seashore fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in the 17th century. The area of Sindhudurg Fort is largely spread and needs a minimum of 2 hours to explore the fort. It is also an ideal point to witness the sunset. The ruins structure of the fort is still a photogenic place for travelers. You may find some food stalls inside the fort. I would recommend you to plan Sindhudurg Fort in the second half of the day to see the beautiful sunset on the sea. The jetty will charge you around 100 INR per person.

top places of Malvan
Sindhudurg Fort view

Scuba diving at Devbaug beach

I must say scuba diving is the peculiarity of Malvan. The recent videos and photos which got viral on social media about diving have forced many Indian as well as foreign tourists to visit Malvan. There are so many beached in Malvan that offer you scuba diving but I would recommend you to it Devbaug beach. The only white sand beach and cleanest beach in Malvan is Devbaug beach. It is a small island located 12 km from the main Malvan market. The driving route from Malvan market to debug beach is very beautiful and ideal for video takers.

top places of Malvan
Scuba diving

Tarkarli Beach

One of the great places to stay and witness clean and peaceful beaches. Pristine clean blue water is the peculiarity of Tarkarli beach when visited in the summertime. The beauty of tarkarli beach is surrounded by coconut trees and greenery. If you visit Tarkarli, don't forget to visit Tsunami Island near Tarkarli. It is an island surrounded by seawater and an ideal place for beach sports activity lovers. This island is closed in monsoon time. You can reach Tsunami Island by ferry from Tarkarli beach or you can also reach it from Devbaug beach. It is one of the best holiday destinations.

top places of Malvan
Tarkarli beach ride

Chivla Beach

Chivla beach is located 2 km from Malavan's main market. Chivla beach is a favorite destination for an evening visit. This is the only beach that offers a sunset view. Chivla beach is one of the less populated and polluted beaches in the Malvan region. While visiting Malvan don't forget to give visit Chivla beach which is an offbeat destination of your plan.

top places of Malvan
Chivla beach sunset 

Jalsateri Temple

After exploring enough beaches it's time to move to the gorgeous temple of Malvan. It is nonetheless Jalsateri Temple. A unique temple is surrounded by water and lush greenery. Since it is surrounded by water it is also known as Jalmandir. A temple of the 12th century dedicated to the Village deity.

top places of Malvan
Jalsateri temple is located in the middle of the water

Best Time to Explore Malvan

Malvan has been the best throughout the years. Yes, you heard me right. Malvan is one of those places with tourists visiting all the time year. Monsoon here offers the best view of the waterfalls. Konkan area has many waterfalls to ride in monsoon time. You can witness the greenery spread across the area. The only disadvantage of monsoon is you need to compromise on scuba diving and Sindhudurg fort. Scuba diving and the fort are closed in monsoon time. Malvan is best to explore in the wintertime. Many tourist flocks in winter time between October to February month. The climate is pleasant and cool across the area. One can also camp in the wintertime. Malvan can also be explored in the summertime. The summer is too hot here and you may find fewer tourists in this period. One can enjoy water rides at the beach in the summertime.

Places to Stay around Malvan

Malvan being a major tourist destination has so many hotels and resorts to stay in. Many locals here have converted their houses to small guest houses on rent. These reasonable homes are given on a rent basis and are ideal for one or two-day stays. One who looks for a budget stay for them is the ideal option. The rates vary from 500 INR to 2500 INR for one day.
Some of the budget stays are Ritu homestay and Parichay homestay near the Malvan bus stand. Malvan also offers you resorts and valley-facing hotels for your stay. One who prefers calm and peace can prefer to stay here. Some of the suggestions are 3 Idiots, and Avisa Nila. If you have your own tent then you can put it up to any place in Malvan.

Eateries around the Malvan

Malvinas is very fond of coconut. Malvani masala is the peculiarity of the Malvan and this is the reason the foods are delicious. The best cuisine of Maharashtra is Malvani food as they use coconut. Malvan is majorly known for its tasty seafood. Prawns masala thali is a must-try dish on your visit to Konkan. Amboli Chutney and Ghana are known for being vegetarian and the best breakfast to have among other. I would suggest you buy some Malvani masala here to try at home.

Things to know before You Visit Malvan

  • Sindhudurg fort is closed in the monsoon period so have some information before you go there. Below is the contact to know the details. (9422584759/9404823161)
  • Scuba diving is not allowed in monsoon time
  • Avoid visiting here in heavy monsoon time. This area witnesses heavy rainfall during monsoon.
  • If you are planning to do scuba diving then head to Devbaug beach directly. Locals here will try to convince you to do scuba and other activities at Malvan beach.
  • Do not forget to bargain for anything in the Malvan area
  • Avoid riding at night since it is too dark at night without street light
  • You should at least reserve your 3 days to explore the main attractions of Malvan.
  • Do not litter the area around you.

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