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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Top 7 Places to Explore in Ratnagiri Konkan


Top 7 Places to Explore in Ratnagiri Konkan

The beauty of the place can't be expressed, it can only be felt right? Today we are going to witness one such beauty on the coast of Maharashtra's Arabian sea and that's nonetheless Ratnagiri. It is a town in Maharashtra, India on the Arabian sea coast. Ratnagiri is one of the hubs for tourists. Many tourists from India and foreign countries flock in the season to witness the beautiful beaches, historical forts, historical monuments, and so on. Ratnagiri has so many places that attract travelers. let us see the top 7 places you can explore within the Ratnagiri in your short trip of two to three days.

How to reach Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is a district in Maharashtra so it has great connectivity between other cities and states.

By Air

Dabolim airport is the nearest air service to reach Ratnagiri. Many air services provide their service to Dabolim from International countries. The next International airport is Mumbai International airport which is 350 km from Ratnagiri.

By Road

Ratnagiri is easily accessible from major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik. While traveling from Mumbai to Ratnagiri, Mumbai-Goa old highway is always preferred. Except for the roads and a few patches the remaining is in good condition and now newly constructed. This is the only fastest route to reach Ratnagiri. Other ways are via Satara but it will take an hour extra to reach. The route passes through scenic nature and is one of the motorable roads for bikers. Many MSRTC buses run their services to and from Mumbai-Ratnagiri and other cities. The booking can also be done through online sites.

By Train

Ratnagiri railway station is well connected by rail head from most of the cities and it makes travel easier for tourists. Most of the express trains running from across the city take a halt at Ratnagiri railway station. Once you get down at the railway station go for the local ST to reach your destination.

By Jetty

Recently ferry service has started from Mumbai to Ratnagiri. This ferry leaves from Bhaucha Dhakka in Mumbai and leaves you at Dabhol in Ratnagiri. The cost ranges from 350 INR to 600 INR per person.

Top 7 Places to Explore in Ratnagiri

Vijaydurg Fort

Vijaydurg Fort has situated a distance of 100 km from Ratnagiri railway station. It is one of the sea forts amidst the Arabian sea. It is not a trekking fort so one doesn't need to worry. Vijaydurg is one of those places that are more photogenic. It takes 2 hours to explore the entire fort. In 1653 Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort and renamed it Vijaydurg.

Vijaydurg Sea Fort

Ratnadurg Fort

Another sea fort is located on the edge of the Konkan coast. The distance from Ratnagiri railway station is just 11km. It has the Bhagwati temple inside the fort which is the major attraction of the fort. The lighthouse at Ratnadurg fort offers picturesque beauty.

Ratnadurg Sea Fort

Purnagad Fort

Purnagad fort is located on the distance of 30km from Ratnagiri. The fort is small but clean, it also has a small temple of Lord Hanuman inside the fort. While visiting the fort, you must give visit Rocky beach next to Purnagad. There is a small trek of 20 minutes to reach the summit of the fort. There is little to explore on the fort.

Purnagad Sea Fort

Thibaw Palace

A ruined Thiba palace is built at a distance of just 6km from Ratnagiri railway station. The court was the residing place of Bramhadeshas king Thiba. There are nominal entry fees worth 15 INR. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited. Approx 30min is enough to explore the Palace. There are no hotels around it so one needs to carry water and some snacks with you.

Thiba Palace of Ratnagiri

Kasheli Beach

It is a small island located at Kasheli village. The recent photos of this island attracted many tourists. Though it is an island, swimming is restricted here for safety purposes. It is one of those places with peace and calm nature. Kasheli island is majorly known for its astonishing sunset. The distance from Ratnagiri railway station is only 45km. One can opt for a local ST or a direct cab to Kasheli.

Kasheli Beach of Kasheli Village

Aare Ware Beach

A beach with a long stretch of white sand with less crowd makes your holiday perfect for a family. Aare Ware is one of the calm and longest beaches in Maharashtra. The distance from Ratnagiri railway station is just 5km and 12 km from Ganpatipule. One can enjoy sports activities at Aare Ware Beach.

One of the longest beaches of Ratnagiri-Aare Ware Beach

Ganpatipule Beach

It is a place of lord Ganesh offering the white sand beauty of Ganpatipule beach. It is one of the crowded beaches of Ratnagiri.
The distance from Ratnagiri railway station to Ganpatipule is 35 km. This beach is also famous for its sunset view. One can enjoy a camel ride that makes the perfect destination for your family.

Ganpatipule beach with Ganpatipule temple standing on the left side

Traveling around Ratnagiri to Explore these places

Traveling around Ratnagiri is quite easy and peaceful. The explorable destination can be reached via local ST or auto rickshaw. There are no rental bikes or car to travel around it. You will have to plan your trip as per the local ST timing. You can also travel via local auto since the distance from one place to another is not much.
It is always better to travel in your own vehicle to save time.

Ideal Time to Explore Ratnagiri

The best time to explore Ratnagiri is October to March when the climate is pleasant and you witness the beauty amidst nature.  Winter time is ideal to explore Ratnagiri because this season offers you photogenic beauty one can engulf in.
The summer here is too hot and humid. The temperature reaches 40 degrees. You may find fewer tourists in summertime.
The monsoon offers scenic waterfalls view and a water stream across the mountain while traveling to Ratnagiri. Avoid visiting during heavy monsoons because waterfalls are closed in a very heavy monsoon period.

Places to stay around Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is one of the tourist places from Maharashtra and being flocking or travelers around Ratnagiri, staying here is no way a challenge now. There are so many resorts and hotels around the city as per your budget.
You may find limited stay options around Vijaydurg, Ratnadurg, and Purnagad fort.
If you are planning to witness the sunset at Kasheli then recommend you stay at Kanakaditya bhakta niwas. It is hardly at the distance of 10 km and stays are within budget.
While exploring Ganpatipule and Aare Ware Beach, it is better to stay at Ganpatipule. There is ample stay as per the budget and it is also close to Aare Ware Beach.

Things to know before you go to Ratnagiri

  • Avoid visiting here in heavy monsoon because Konkan receives heavy rain in monsoon time
  • Book your stay in advance if you are traveling in wintertime.
  • Do not forget to try Konkani food from Ratnagiri beaches.
  • Avoid local ST traveling in the late evening because options are limited.
  • Do not litter the area around you.


  1. The beach at Kasheli Village is known as DEVGHALI beach. Its an exotic beach with natural beauty.

  2. You're tips are really useful. I'd not have considered avoiding monsoon season until you mentioned it as it's not a place I know much about.

  3. Ratnagiri offers great opportunities for my family to spend their holiday in a peaceful environment while experiencing the natural beauty and historical richness of the place.