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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Devghali Beach Ratnagiri | How to Reach This Hidden Island in Kasheli?

Devghali Beach

Devghali Beach Ratnagiri| How to Reach This Hidden Island in Kasheli?

India being a significant tourist hub in the world has a large number of beaches since it is on the border of the Arabian Sea coast. There are so many pocket-friendly islands that are majorly known for their calming nature. Devghali beach is among the ones. This small island is located on the coast of Kasheli village in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. It is also known as Kasheli Beach or Devghali Beach Ratnagiri. The beauty of Devghali beach can not be expressed it can only feel. Devghali beach in Kasheli village is a hidden beach, the recent photos on social media attracted many tourists and I was one of them. This Devghali Island is located in Kashlei village of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. The distance between Devghali Beach Kasheli village from Ratnagiri is just 30 km. Kasheli village offers the most diverse attraction to its visitors. The serene beaches, the scenic road drive, the historical temples, and the story behind it are the peculiarity of Ratnagiri's Kasheli village. 


How to reach Devghali Beach Ratnagiri?

Devghali beach can be reached via Air, Road, and Train service.

By Air

The Dabolim and Mumbai International Airports are two International Airports to reach Kasheli village. Kasheli village is 200 km from Dabolim Airport and 350 km from Mumbai Airport. One can go for local transportation by Bus or Train or can also opt to hire a cab to reach.


By Road

Devghali Beach Ratnagiri is located in the Ratnagiri district of Konkan, Maharashtra. There are MSRTC buses along with private buses to reach the Ratnagiri bus stop. Once you reach Ratnagiri Devghali beach is a further 40 km. One can catch local ST or direct auto to reach.


By Train

Ratnagiri railway station is the nearest railhead to reach Devghali beach. There are so many express trains that halt at Ratnagiri station. Once you get down at the station walk towards the main road and catch the local auto or ST for Kasheli village.


The recent photos of Devghali beach have attracted many tourists. The images uploaded by tourists were amazing and I decided to visit the serene beauty of Kasheli, Ratnagiri. Kasheli is a hidden village in the Ratnagiri district. Many people are still unaware of it. On my trip to Ratnagiri, I reserved one day to visit Devghali Beach Ratnagiri in Kasheli village. If you guys planning to visit Ratnagiri you should also visit Kasheli's hidden island.

About Devghali Beach, Kasheli

Devghali Beach is one of the hidden islands of Ratnagiri. Since it is a hidden beach, it is very clean and scenic. The road that goes to Devghali beach is so splendid. My visit to Ratnagiri Devghali Beach was the first priority to visit. We started a bit late and reached in the late evening around sunset time. Devghali Beach is majorly known for its sunset.  Swimming on this island is strictly prohibited. It is just a small island where you can feel nature and the sound of waves. Once you reach here walk down the stairs to reach the Island. There is a small cave-like structure right next to a small Island, but going inside the caves is not allowed for safety purposes. Devghali Beach is a perfect holiday destination for photography lovers. It offers an astonishingly exquisite view of the Arabian sea.


Devghali beach
Swimming on this beautiful island is restricted 

Devghali beach
A cave where Lord Sun's statue was kept

Devghali beach
Photo point next to island 

After exploring Devghali Island of Kasheli I would recommend you to visit Kanakaditya temple which is 10 km from Devghali beach. Kanak is the name of a lady who used to stay in Kasheli village and Aditya is another name for the Sun. Having said that one day one of the deities of lord Sun was sailing to the South part of India from Veraval carrying the deity of Lord Sun. He was traveling from Lord Krishna's place in Verawal.  Once the boat reached Kasheli it halted automatically on the island. After trying hard to restart the boat the boatman was unsuccessful so he decided to keep the deity Sun in the caves of Devghali beach of Kasheli. A lady named Kanak from Kasheli village had a dream that someone had kept lord Sun in the caves and she found that place with the help of villagers. Moving ahead everyone decided to build a temple in the name of Kanakaditya and it's been 800 years now that the temple is well-known in the Ratnagiri region.

History of Kanakaditya temple

Devghali beach
Kanakaditya temple of Lord Sun

Temple visiting timing is 5 am to 12 noon

4pm to 8pm


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Places to stay around Kasheli Village?

Kasheli village is located 40 km from the main city so there is no option for staying in Kasheli village. If you plan to visit Kasheli village then you should stay in Kanakaditya Bhakta Niwas which is 200 m from the temple. The room ranges from 300-500 per night.

There are so many resorts and hotels around the main city; one can opt as per the budget.


Are there any restaurants that have food facilities in Kasheli Village?

Yes, Kasheli has a few restaurants to have delicious Indian cuisine. Starting from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, homemade food is served to the tourist for nominal charges. You must try Veg and Non-Veg thali which is the most selling thing from restaurants. The restaurant is minimal and it is located close to Kanakaditya temple. You must leave the Devghali beach post sunset as it is completely dark at night without any light.

Which is the Ideal Time to Visit Devghali Beach?

The best time to visit Devghali Beach is Winter starting from October to February month. The climate is so pleasant and breathtaking. Winter is an ideal time to visit the Konkan region. One can witness the handsome sunset at Devghali beach. You will find the least minor visitors in the summertime since swimming is restricted on this beach.

What are the important things to know before you go?

-Swimming at the beach is not allowed due to safety purposes
-Avoid visiting the beach post sunset since it is completely dark and the road is a little scary
-Try not to miss the sunset at Devghali beach
-Kanakaditya temple is closed in the afternoon time so plan your visit accordingly
-Enough parking space is available to park your vehicle
-Do not litter the area around.

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