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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Randha Waterfall Bhandardhara | How to Reach Here from Mumbai?

Randha Waterfall

Randha Waterfall Bhandardhara | How to Reach Here from Mumbai?

When monsoon arrives in Sahyadri people usually flock to places like waterfalls, and forests, and to find adventures like activities, Isn’t it? Sahyadris monsoon is very special, so Sahyadri takes heaven's place in monsoon time. I normally have a kind of silent personality and prefer an adventure with a silent and peaceful look. Most of us must be in search of waterfalls which are not much crowded and which most hidden ones right? Let us go through one such waterfall which is liked by most of those who know it. Randha waterfall is what I am talking about. Randha waterfall is located in the Akole Taluka of Ahmednagar district in the Bhandaradhara range. This heavenly waterfall is located amidst the Sahyadri mountain range which is covered with lush greenery.

How to Reach Randha Waterfall

By Air

Mumbai International Airport is the nearest airhead to reach this fall. Once you get down at the airport head towards to private cab or local cab and reach out to Bhandaradhara.

By Train

Kasara is the nearest railhead to reach Randha Waterfall. Kasara railhead lies on the central line of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The train frequency to reach Kasara is once every two hours from Mumbai. Once you get down at the railway station, head towards the local ST stand, reach village Shendi in Bhandardhara, and then again by private auto to Randha Fall. There are shared cabs from Kasara who will drop you at Shendi village of Bhandaradhara. The fall is a further 10 km from the Bhandaradhara bus stop.

By Road

Randha Waterfall is located on the distance of 170 km from Mumbai, 160 km from Pune, and 70 km from Nashik. While driving to Nashik from Mumbai take the exit at Ghoti. Randha Fall is on the way to Ghoti Shirdi highway. The best way to reach Randha Waterfall is to take your own vehicle and just let it go. This route usually gets busy in monsoon time so it is better to drive here on the bike to avoid the traffic.


My Experience of Exploring Randha Waterfall

At a distance of 10 km from the main Bhandardhara this waterfall looks very easily approachable.  The recent photos on social media pulled out many tourists here but still, it is one of the crowd-free waterfalls to visit for a day. This exquisite waterfall is a one-day destination to explore with friends and families. Randha waterfall is formed over the Pravara River and cascades down its water in a beautiful gorge. This jaw-dropping natural waterfall is one of the photogenic places for tourists. I have been to surrounding places of Randha Fall but never got a chance to explore this milky fall.

This was one of those waterfalls that can be reached without any trekking. One cannot have a bath in it but one can capture its picturesque beauty in the eyes through the camera. When we visited here there were some artificial decks made for tourists to enjoy the view. This viewing deck is made on the Pravara River. I can hear the soothing sound of a fall pouring massive water on the rock. Randha Fall is also an attraction due to its temple of Ghorpada Devi. This Ghorpada Devi is the goddess of the local deity of Bhandardhara villagers. You may find so many small food huts selling some Maharashtrian favorite snacks.

Randha Waterfall
Ghorpadadevi Temple situated on the edge of the Pravara River

Randha Waterfall
This artificial deck is the viewpoint of a waterfall

Apart from exploring waterfalls, one can get engaged in boating activities on the Pravara River. Randha Fall is situated amidst the Sahyadri range, so its surrounding is covered with lush Greenery.

Randha Waterfall
This contact is the reference for boating and stay

The best way to visit Randha Falls is during monsoon time when the dam overflows and its massive water starts pouring on the rocks. This crystal-clear water of Randha Fall will shine your eyes. The monsoon in the Bhandardhara region welcomes many tourists every year specifically in the monsoon time. Many flora and fauna surprise you with their beauty in monsoon. The only thing to note is one needs to take care while clicking the pictures from the edges. This is another day destination for relaxing and chilling.

Randha Waterfall
The backwater waterfall of the Pravara River

Other Places to Explore Near Randha Waterfall

Bhandaradhara Dam

Bhandardhara hill station is nestled in the Sahyadri range of waterfall. Bhandardhara Dam is located right next to Arthur Lake which is also famous for boating purposes. Many tourists flocks on weekend specifically in monsoon time.  One can get to see how the barriers hold the tones of water in the Dam.

Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar is one of the oldest Shiva temples which was naturally formed on a small pond of water. It is located at a distance of 21 km from Randha Falls. This 1200-year-old temple is a major attraction for tourists. If you are fond of trekking then Ratangad trek starts from Amruteshwar temple only.

Sandhan Valley

Asia's second-largest valley is located in the Bhandardhara range of Samrad village. You need to walk for 20 min from Samrad village to reach the starting point of Sandhan Valley. One can enjoy rappelling here. The distance from Randha Fall is 30 km.

Ideal Time to Visit Randha Waterfall

The best time to visit Randha Waterfall is monsoon between July to October when the water level peaks in this area. Bhandardhara is the place witnessing the highest rainfall in the monsoon time. The waterfalls normally start from July and it stays as long as October month. To enjoy the wet and wild adventure one should visit here in monsoon time.

Food and Stay Options near Randha Waterfall

Randha Fall is one of the major tourist attractions of the Bhandardhara. There are so many hotels and resorts in the range of 20 km from Fall. The price may vary from economy to deluxe room. Since it is located amidst the village you can not expect a kind of five-star stay but decent stays are available in nearby areas. We stayed in the Amrutratna Hotel which was quite good and he charged us 3500 for two days of stay. Below is the contact number for it.

Amrutratna Hotel


Few restaurants outside Randha Falls serve Indian cuisine. Starting from Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is available in restaurants. One can try the flavor of typical Maharashtrian food.

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