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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Arambhol Beach Goa | Top 5 Things to Explore When You Are Around

Arambhol Beach Goa

Arambhol Beach Goa | Top 5 Things to Explore When You Are Around

Goa is a pocket-sized island with several serene beaches to explore. The first beach vibe I feel is Arambhol Beach whenever I visit here. This is one of the cleanest and greenest beaches in North Goa.  Arambhol is a village in the Pernem region of North Goa. This is the most adopted Beach by many foreigners. Peaceful beaches, Greenery around the beach, and most hippie activities around the beach are the reasons preferred by foreigners. This is one of the famous beaches in Goa. Arambhol Beach is not only known for salty beach water but it is famous for its sweet water lake located at the adjacent corner of the beach. Dipping and swimming are allowed in the Lake so one can explore that too.

How to Reach Arambhol Beach in North Goa?

Arambhol is a village located in the Pernem region of North Goa and it is easily accessible from any part of Goa.
If you are traveling from Panjim then the distance is around 50km, if you are traveling from Calangute Baga Beach then the distance is 22km, and from South Goa, the distance to Beach is 100 km. The distance from Thivim to Arambhol Beach is just 30 km. Thivim railway station is easily accessible from many states of India.

Mode of Transportation to reach Arambhol Beach

It is said that Goa is quite expensive when it comes to reaching from one place to another, isn't it? I have experienced this every time I visit Goa. Let me tell you all Arambhol can be reached as per your budget constraints.
It would be much more costly if you hit a direct taxi to reach Arambhol Beach. There are direct taxis available with high frequency but the only thing you need to scissor your purse.
Local buses run to and from Arambhol to many other places you wish to travel from. The only thing you need to do is get help from locals to know about the timing of the buses since the frequency is quite low but it is accessible.
The cheapest mode of transportation to reach Arambhol village is rented by bike or car. If you don't get a private vehicle then you can rent out a bike or car and can easily access Arambhol Beach. There is a parking space available near the beach for part of our vehicle. Another benefit to renting our own vehicle is time-consuming and you can reach it at your convenience.

Top 5 Things to Explore When You Are at Arambhol

Arambhol Beach Bohemian Culture

Arambhol Beach is one of the beaches for eye-skated hippie vibes. Yes, you heard me right. In the evening time, all the hippies gather together and go on with the bongos and stoles. This bohemian culture will spark your eyes. Beautiful and spectacular Arambhol Beach is one of the greenest beaches in North Goa. This spectacular beach has so many offerings for its tourists. Arambhol Beach is the beach visited by most foreigners. You may find many foreigners playing tabla in the group.

Arambhol Beach Sunset

Arambhol Beach Goa
Arambhol is the best beach known for its sunset. The best view of the sunset can be seen from Arambhol Mountain

The golden sunset was always a dream of every traveler. Arambhol Beach is a beach which is known for the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset. As the sun starts painting the sky you will dig deep into his beauty. One can head towards Arambhol Mountain to witness the sunset. It is one of the picturesque places to enjoy.

Experiencing the Tibetan Market at Arambhol

Arambhol Beach Goa
Arambhol Market is located adjacent to Arambhol Beach

Yes, you heard me right. The Tibetan market at Arambhol Beach is the center of attraction among all foreigners and Indian tourists. A market with antique jewelry and some wooden items is flashing for travelers. It is a very big market and has plenty of items including a variety of clothing to buy. You should not miss shopping when you are in Arambhol but don't compromise on your bargaining skills when you shop here.

Paragliding at Arambhol Beach

Arambhol Beach Goa
Arambhol Mountain is a famous spot for its Paragliding activity

Paragliding is a dream of every traveler, isn't it? Arambhol is the place that encourages your dream, sounds interesting right. Arambhol is not only a beach to enjoy the sunset but it gives access to explore paragliding activities along with the sunset. One needs to make a small effort to reach Arambhol mountain which is also a site of paragliding but this effort is worth the experience. I would recommend going around 4-5pm so one can get to witness the sunset from paragliding. The cost of this adventure activity varies from 1000 to 1500 INR.

Enjoying Live Music Cafes or Shacks

Arambhol Beach Goa
The best view of Arambhol Beach can be captured at night only

Arambhol is one of those beaches with lots of love music places. When you have nothing to do just get going and relax for some time with chilled beer, food, and live music. It has the beauty of beach shacks where you can go and dance in the night with hippies all around. There are ample number of cafes that offers peaceful dining.

Food and Stay Availability at Arambhol Beach

Arambhol Beach Goa
Musical restaurant of Arambhol Beach

Arambhol is a mini Russian beach from North Goa, the distance is quite far from Baga Calangute hence, it is a less crowded beach. This is why it is called a Russian beach. It is a home for many foreign tourists due to its peaceful stay. Arambhol had many stay options starting from economic to deluxe rooms as per one budget. Some of the beach shacks also offer sea-facing rooms. However when you choose to travel beach destination then beach-facing rooms are the first choice of yours isn't they? There are many beach-facing properties around Arambhol Beach.
Some of them are cocks town and Pama villa. If you are a budget traveler then guest houses are the best suggestions for you. 

Best Time to Visit Arambhol Beach

Ideally, Arambhol Beach can be visited throughout the years but, if you want to spend some quality and relaxing time then I would prefer you to visit between October and February. The climate is pleasant and you can explore the entire Arambhol lane.
Monsoon and Summer are avoided by most of the tourists. 

Top Things to Remember Before You Visit Arambhol Beach

  • Avoid using private taxis if you are a budget traveler, you can easily get two-wheelers or four-wheelers on rent.
  • Do not miss the sunset of Arambhol Beach since it is mainly known for sunset
  • One can also take a deep dive into Arambhol sweet water lake
  • One of the Russian beaches hence it has very little crowd
  • Make sure to book your stay in advance before you go
  • One should have bargaining skills if you are buying anything in Goa
  • Do not litter the area around the beach.


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